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Wednesday, October 27, 2010
8. 5 A.M ENTRY @ Wednesday, October 27, 2010

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Owkey i might not good on telling people about myself but this is very important,
i need to say this that i haven't decided yet on what language should i apply here in this blog.
whether it's Bahasa Melayu or fully English but anyway i don't care as long as i understand what have i write and you can get my point, don't you??
*cricket sounds* uh uh this is 5am entry everyone is fall asleep..

nice entry by the way blogger faha.
i spent half of my 24 hours by re-designing this dead blog you know..
my half *anyway 1/2 times 24 is 12 right?* day was so exaggerating with this kind of activity!
nope, i'm not a pink lover but why do i choose pink on my blog?
you are weird *correct!*

i'm not pink lover, i love GREEN the most
but learning to put my sincere love to RED and BLUE
i bet the KPOP addict will know what kind of group stand with this color
and yes you are correct bout it *are you a KPOP lover?*
its TVXQ and Super Junior color representative respectively

Super Show 3 in Beijing last Saturday *Sapphire Blue view*

i think i made this entry look yucky by coloring the words but i don't care..
the red don't look like red btw its pink lol *silly you* change it back to the real red!!

TVXQ's Cassiopeia Pearl Red Ocean 

6am now and i need to sleep and wake up an hour later
i got Math class today and i don't like it
but i don't like Account class more.. its more than i don't like to see Cho Kyuhyun sang with Seohyun and
touch her head at SM Town Concert 2010
and bla bla bla ---- go to sleep you freakin girl~!!!

GOD 'em freakin jealous >< 


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