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Tuesday, October 19, 2010
6. I'm On Facebook Again @ Tuesday, October 19, 2010

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just came back from 3 days and 2 night holiday at hometown
and i started missing my ibu again ... haiiissst! i'm such a cry baby

yaaaah! yan LIKE Fernando Torres in FB???? how come?! he is mine! haaaaaiiiiiisit! my Torres! yan you cannot like him
go away with your Christiano Ronaldo grrrrhhhhh LOL
that's YAN is my secondary school best friend. don't know how to explain this but i think
our relationship is no more like before. maybe she's changing or maybe i'm the one who's changing. . .
anyway i'm big fan of Fernando Torres really!
my dad and younger brother are Liverpool die-hard *though they are not good recently* but i like Torres more than others
Torres go go go!


KKS i click on his name again on FB guess what my x-rival Suhanis she add KKS as her friend
walllleeeeeyyyyy that girl wahahah why i'm so overreact!
he's gone and i'm move on. . .

totally talking crap, really a mrs.Crap indeed. (update 2017: crap)


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