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Sunday, October 31, 2010
9. Backpacker Vacation: Kyuhyun vs Me @ Sunday, October 31, 2010

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Today is Sunday and yesterday i had my backpacker vacation alone... yess! ALONE! at the shopping complex, 20 minutes from my college. *ceh!* i love backpacker vacation not because Kyuhyun *my crush* loves the activity but it more like a personal preference.

Kyuhyun on the other hand had his vacation at Japan *he really loves Japan huh* and I'm trying to get the feeling of backpacking vacation by went out by myself. start off the day with some of breakfast made by my roommate. *you know what, this was the first time we cooked together for this semester, almost end of semester* and it just a egg.. what we call it in English (?) err roti telur.

I'm going to post my backpacker vacation's picture later. its not that happy though, full with challenge that sounds impossible, not that logic to certain people. how come the cashier forgot to return back another RM 10 to me?? i need to beg her walaowey *sounds so Malaysian* and when reach at college, it was all raining day. luckily i bought umbrella for protection and extra protection.

this is roti telur err egg+bread

morning day// eh this is twilight laa..

met Arabian family at terminal

ate in bus only but have a good feeling though

my ticket bus for the whole journey 

raining day

On the other side of Kyuhyun, he was having his happy vacation alone without other Super Junior members in Tokyo.

“On the way back: the ‘Yurikamome (ゆりかもめ )’ Tokyo’s first introduced driver-less and computer driven monorail look-a-like.. I came back riding that~
And then on the way back to the place I stayed at…I was passing in front of Starbucks and there I found women wearing ‘Kimono (着物)’ and enjoying their coffee. I wanted to take a picture with people wearing a ‘Kimono’ at any cost in Japan, so I was disappointed that there was nobody wearing it where I went, but in the car I’d coincidentally saw some!
Going up to people who were drinking coffee so I could take a picture was a little awkward. So after I worried in front of them thinking about it for 5 minutes… I eventually made a decision and went up to them to talk about taking a picture together and they accepted without hesitation~~^^
I went back to my lodging in a very good mood and was able to fall asleep .
Mmh… by the way those clothes are Kimono right..?” 


ooo kawaii

jealous lol

Because of Kyuhyun, i know that the male clothes for Japanese is not Kimono but Yukata. *is it?*
that group of girl is soo lucky  i want also!!! *shut up!*
my backpacker vacation ended up with not so happy memories.
but i still want to have a proper backpacker vacation like oppa^^ *so naive*
i don't care!! around the world in 50 days! (?)
bye bye gonna updates soon :)

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