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Wednesday, October 13, 2010
4. Hatiku Menginginkannya (lol) @ Wednesday, October 13, 2010

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jiwang siot title... hakhak!

well recently i didn't plot a lot of thing here and also in my old diary.. have i told you before that i got one diary before this?
i got many edition of diary believe me since i was in standard 5 hahah and it still keep in a good condition..
anyway after i went to further study, i was too busy i got no time to write down what happen so i decided to make a blog..
writing in a blog is just same as writing a diary write? except if there's a reader, its no more a secret diary...
well if it become a public anyway, i don"t thing u guys cant recognized me in the real world,,
i'm great at acting like I know nothing of it.

anyway after along hiatus from exploding the feeling and what so ever, i will like to say that this blog will be the place where i give all my heart out...
i'll write anything that i want that's one for sure and the first thing that i want to write here is about..... well, (update 2017: what the fook am i talking about)

i don't know. just recently i went for taekwando class and realized that men who are able to protect women in good way
is very CHARMING~~~~~!
i think they must be very responsible and look cool oh dear *faint*

recently i might say last weekend, I've just started my new journey of watching korean drama after along hiatus again *due to study etc*
and I chose to watch DBSK's Micky Park Yoo Chun first drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal and i really satisfied with the story... so funny i laughed hard watching Micky^^
I think i'll continue updating this drama later kekeke!

eyyy just found one funny picture of Super Junior their vacation in Italy wahahahahah so funny gonna post it here later..
i really love Super Junior u'll see my addiction towards them in a second after knowing me better..
my ultimate crush is Cho Kyu Hyun hahha ♥

recently Accounting seems to be very difficult haiiiiiissst must work hard to face Mr. Azmi and also other people who i bet will be happy if they know I fail in my test ... a lot of people doesn't seems to like me (update 2017: I don't think I like their behaviour too, fair and square)
anyway I DON'T CARE

i'll post anything later weeeeeee~~~~~!!!!


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