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Thursday, November 18, 2010
15. Sway-ing Mood of A Cassielf @ Thursday, November 18, 2010

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Hey I'm here again.

Rebel ala' Lee Mongryong xD
Lately I'm kind of enjoying myself being a rebellious student. In term of stubbornness, oh well I'm very good in it. I don't like it when people ask me to do something that just not me. I wont do it; I'll skip class for my own goodness. I know this is not good, just can't bear it. I'm kinda piss off with lecturers who are showing biases in class. The fact that I'm not talking to you, expressing my bubbliness, doesn't means I'm stupid. And just because they are talk-active, expressing their ridiculous craps, which simply doesn't mean they are brilliant on the other hand. Gah, I'm ranting here. Believe me, I'm not emo-girl. I wish that I can stand with this kind of situation, sometimes sacrificing your own feeling is the best solution. Is it? Well. I.don't.know. Life is up-side-down. And that's what my mood ended up today.

But they made me smile again :) Geeeez, my first smiley in this post! Emo me lol! TVXQ always succeed in making me laugh for some addition heehee. I watch TVXQ's quite old concert on pc. I'm not sure about the details and venue of the concert though. Nope, its not at Tokyo Dome and it's not at Malaysia, for sure. They performed well and always they are <3 But personally, I think I'm not a good Cassie. The thought simply coming to mind when I can't even name a few songs in the concert. It's kinda disappointing to be honest. Being a part of big TVXQ-family 5 years ago, I didn't improve much in remembering their stuff. And so do with Super Junior, believe me I only sing well on Marry You and Forever Love without the help of flouting lyrics on the screen! *My bad, its not your fault, it's the disability of your WEAK MEMORY lol* 

Again, these simply don't mean my love for them is as much as the level of my weak memory. Take that for your note <3 They are my EVERYTHING :) I'll be there for them, I want to protect them, and I want to give my shoulder to them to lean on it. Enough said. Isn't that showing some love?
Bye for now, Happy Eid Mubarak. Life is indeed need a sacrifice isn't it? Be tolerate with my silly entry today, I just feel, W.E.I.R.D. xoxo

p/s: Marry You is easily memorized cause of my big intention of marrying Super Junior, obviously and Forever Love MV is keep on plays again and again on pc :) Love the MV and the dinosaur skeleton! xD

Forever Love Marry You :D

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