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Friday, November 19, 2010
16. Harry Potter, Kpop and Me :) @ Friday, November 19, 2010

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I love the fact that I can relate something between Harry Potter and Korean stuff. Nope, it's not Daniel Radcliffe learns to speak Hangul nor Cho Chang is actually a Kpop singer. Oo really? Haha. It just nice to see Potter Xiah playing around with U Know Who, and VoldaMin's favorite book is Harry Potter :) Yes he is, Changmin, 내창민♥. They made my reading and watching Harry Potter more meaningful thinking that there is someone I like, sharing the same interest :) Awww how sweet! I hope Changmin can recommend the book to Kyuhyun kekeke. Too much, I know. x)

look at them! oh gooossh!

Being a Potter fan a few years back after reading the 5th book, Harry Potter and The Order of Phoenix at school library, I never look back anymore. By earning some money with my sibling, we managed to collect all editions of Harry Potter books and it worth every cent! :) I personally think that the book not just promoting magic for the readers, but also instill some love between man. Man and man, obviously Harry and Ginny. Naaah, I'm not promoting them, I'm HarMione and RoMione, I don't know who look best with Hermione, not KruMione though. Hey, DraMione looks good together too haha! Some love between man and other creatures, for example Harry and Hedwig the Owl, Hagrid and Norbert the Norwegian Dragon :) Harry and Dobby the House ELF ohmeeegaad xD, Hagrid and Aragog the Giant Spider, uh Dumbledore and Fawkes the Phoenix :) oh man, there are too many lovable weird creatures in the story. Can you believe this; I've put 3 smilies in this paragraph! Too hyper bout Harry Potter I guess! By the way, my favorite character in the book is Professor Severus Snape. Why? Just because.

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallow Part 1 haunted the cinema all around the world starting November 17th 2010.
Sounds so television advertisement. But I can't wait!
Well, be right back :)

who's the best among SuJu to be Potter in Korean version? lol

cute Xiahki, Potter wannabe? kekeke 


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