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Sunday, November 21, 2010
17. Tag: 25 Things That You Think People Should Know About You @ Sunday, November 21, 2010

4 note (s)

Nope, nobody tagged me. I was accidentally reading AizamiaBooJaejoong's blog where she was tagged by PurpleKyu and so on and so on. "Are you reading this?..be honest and start doing this tag!" Oh, currently having too much free time, so why don't I try it out? :) I'm very honest, I knew it! Haha! 

1) Once you meet me, you will have a perception that this girl is snobbish. I don't talk a lot with other people. Later, when you'll go away, you'll say to me "I once thought that you were a snobbish girl but actually you aren't." I heard it about 6 times in my life and I feel bad about it.

2) To be honest, I don't like the course that I'm studying now. I can't imagine myself working in this field and ended up myself living in a place full with stress. I believe that I should be a tour-guide worker, maybe work that related with vacation, languages, sport, no stress, me and myself... (Cut the craps)

3) I had once said that Super Junior is ridiculously got too many untalented members and will never be a fan of them. But look at me now, well I believe it sort of karma. Its fine if you don't like other artists, just don't bash them, you'll end up loving them. But I love this karma, it destiny <3

4) My first Kpop group is TVXQ. When we were in Form 3, I borrowed TVXQ's Vacation OST from my Chinese friend, Jia Yen. Then I watch Rising Sun MV where I met Changmin's adorable slow dance. Jazz and I fought over him, while Yan took Jaejoong. Haha, I wonder if they are still a Cassiopeia.

5) I'm very picky girl. That's why there are only 2 Kpop group as my biases. It's hard to know other new group in this case, because I tend to compare them with TVXQ and Super Junior as the benchmark. It goes well with the student life; I'm still using my old mechanical pencil where I bought when I was in form 4. Nothing can replace it. I'm picky girl.

6) I'll read sport section first and then continue to entertainment section in newspaper. I'm very sport addict, just put me in any sport event, I'll enjoy it for sure. I didn't know why on earth I was not even chosen as a school athlete. Maybe because I was too quiet in school or maybe I had no talent as an athlete or maybe I'm just good in commentating them. Maybe I should be an audience only. Too many maybe.

7) Very patriotic. Seriously. I can even crying when watching morning national anthem Negaraku on television. I love to visit South Korea and other country, but Malaysia is Malaysia, where my "tumpah darahku" what-so-ever going to be happen. I'm not going to reside country other than Malaysia :) I'm here yuhuuuu~ *wave* proud Malaysian!

8) Speaking of crying, I don't know how many liter have I spent on both Super Junior and TVXQ. I'll cry when watching their old MV with the full members. Call me crazy or what, I rather spend my tear on people who shows their strong brotherhood than people who has been kicked from singing competition :p

9) I'm the second child in my family. Just a typical Malay family, where mum and dad are the ultimate in the house. But with the height of 150cm and weight of 47 kg, I'm considered as FAT in family. What the heck? Cut the crap! I'm not fat!

10) Oh I think 25 things that I think people should know about me is really a tough question. What's more about me huh? This is damn hard. Maybe because I took it too serious. Yes! I always consider something easy as a serious thing and vice versa. Not good for life, I know.

11) I'm an independent girl. That's the reason why I'm so backpacking minded. I went to all places alone and I hope I'll gain something with my easy vacation. I went to class alone, and I didn't even care if people left me alone. Making face to people who left me behind is just not me. Me and myself, we got issue. I knew it! Mentally retarded!

I think I'm talking craps here. Well, 13 more to go!

12) Honestly, my English is not that good in PMR and SPM results. But the desire to understand every points and details in Football Edition on The Star Newspaper made me work harder to learn English, so here I am now. Maybe it still undoubtedly full with grammar mistake and so on, but I believe that I have improve a little bit. If it not in English, maybe it's in football skill ;) Heehee.

13) I miss my high school life. I want to return back to past, go "kawad kaki" with PBSM member, laughing over small matter, hugging my bestie Rohana, peeping handsome Chinese prefect and do many other thing again and again. But yes time is actually now. You can't do anything about that. Regretful in life? xoxo

14) I think you should know this; I'm listening to Korean Drama OST like crazy. When I'm in bus, walking to college, eating my dinner, and even when writing this blog. The thing is that, I hope all things that happened on the drama will be happen on me too. Too much, I know. Now Playing : So In Love - Love Story In Harvard OST, too much xD

15) I personally think Super Junior Kyuhyun looks like Seol Gongchan, the male main character in Korean drama My Girl. I don't know about you, but for me when he screamed "Sooooorrrry~" in Sorry Sorry MV, he really Lee Dongwook at that moment. And he won my heart. Too much. xDDv

16) I'm Moko Chatter. It's a mobile Chat-box. I'm an avid chatter there and even owning a gallery called Prince Kyu gallery where people who adore Kyuhyun will be there to spazz about him. But lately I'm kinda realize that people who are residing there are random, no more Kyuhyun-addict lol. Meeting new ELFs and befriends with them is the best thing about it :)

17) Very honorific girl. If you are younger than me please call me with something that will show a respect toward me, and vice versa. I'll show my respect to someone older than me. Thank you :) I might a little bit Heechul at this point. I knew it.

18) Personally think Twitter shows the other me better than Facebook. You won't see my post in Facebook definitely! I'm too suspicious with Facebook, it's my reality world, I have too many known people there while Twitter is my virtual world. Nobody know me, nobody mind what I say, I live with people who are just like me and I speak something that is ME.

19) I work the best when listening to radio not MP3 Player. I don't even know why this thing happen but doing assignment while listening to radio will produce a fast and efficient work while doing assignment while listening to MP3 Player ended up myself changing the song every 2 seconds. 

20) I know how to sketch or draw! That's one of the ability of a left-handed people. Really? Oh yes! I'm left-handed girl and very proud with it! One of a kind. Maybe one in a millions? Or thousand? Or hundred? Or ten? One in my family. Still, it's special :)

21) Speaking of drawing, my planning gift for Kyuhyun in this coming Super Show 3 in Malaysia is a sketch book full with his picture. I'm still working on it, hopefully this book can be pass to him safe-fully heehee. And I'll post a few sketches when everything is done here. Please anticipate. No, kiddin! Haha!

22) I love Choi Minho in Juliette MV very much! I don't know why but he looks familiar there. Minho is the cutest in SHINee *wink wink* :D And I have no idea why many ShaWols spazzing much about Key. I cant see any special thing about him, maybe later. 

23)  An underestimate student is the best word to describe me in class. I'm nobody. But I believe everyone in this world has their own ability and specialized in the life. People are here in this world for a reason, so please bear in any difficulties happen in future. Even I'm here blogging for reason; to accomplish my List To Do Before 25 Years Old xD 

24) I'm using this username fahamokha90 in almost all chat-box, fan-site that are virtual and non-virtual in the world. This name is one in a million or maybe only one in this world. It just, meaningful enough said~

25) Last but not least, last and finally, I want to recall back myself. I'm fahamokha90, a typical student from Malaysia who are addicted with Kpop. A Potter Head and Liverpool screamer whom also a part of CassiELFs community in this world. Go go go! wow what an end?!

This is tiring~ but I love it! Maybe because this tag has turn out to be a blowing out the secret's place.
Will be back :)

love from this cassiopeia♥

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