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Thursday, November 25, 2010
19. Fan-Fiction: Because I Love DaraGon Tandem @ Thursday, November 25, 2010

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I'm not a big fan of BigBang nor 2NE1, their music just don't suit mine. Nevertheless, it doesn't mean I'm not fond of them. I love DaraGon tandem <3 Last few month ago, I read one good fan-fiction about DaraGon, give a chance to read it, you'll love it! By the way, I can't find the the writer of this fan-fic. Please mention me if you are the writer :) I'll give full and EXTRA credit for this beautiful story. This might be one of the longest entries ever made! To have a better mood while reading, I suggest you to listen to any sad Korean song, it works! :)

[UNTITLED: A Perfect Guy Anyone?]

Its been three years since I first heard of the guy named Kwon Jiyong.

(Flashback) A Monday morning is nice for a cup of milkshake and fries at the school's open field. Thank you Papa God for such a wonderful sunshine, peaceful place! I said as I sit down the grass field with no one but myself. Soon as, I was about to lie down and take a good sleep, I hear the school speakers blasting, "Aigoo! What a perfect morning!," myself uttered while I continue to listen to what the DJ will be talking about.

          School DJ: Good Morning dear Valley River Fighting Cubs Students! I'm your campus DJ, DJ GD and before we begin the countdown of Top 5 cubs song of the week, let me introduce to you with me, Fighting Cubs Basketball Varsity captain, Mr. Kwon Jiyong!
          Kwon Jiyong: Thank You DJ GD. Hello fellow fighting cubs! The annual school spirit week will start on the 2nd week of May. In line with this, I would like to ask each of your help to watch the 27th Valley River basketball exhibition on Thursday. Entrance fee will cost 10 bucks but I'm sure it would not disappoint. There will be a buffet of pica pica and refreshments plus a party till dawn right after. Proceeds will be given to the Pouch Foundation and Golden Ages Foster Home. Thank You very much and see you there!
          Soon after the captain left, DJ GD started with his morning River Valley Fighting Cubs cheer and on with the Daily Top 5 songs. (End of flashback)   

          "Oi SSANDARA! Still thinking about your Jiyong eh?," Bom interrupted, making me go back to Earth. "Aigoo Bom! Don't ever do that again! You scared the creep out of me!,"
          "Hahaha it's been 3 years Dara and you're still as cute as 18 years old Santokki,"
         "Hey you just did... don't call me Santokki! Santokki is gone okay? I would never want to remember my old-self. Never!," I said as I shifted the car to the left.
         "Okay Sandara Park! Can you be careful though while driving?," I see Bom now holding firm on her seat belt while doing the sign of cross.
          "Hey Bom! That's just so overacting! My driving wont even hurt you!,"
         "Hahaha you are such a brag bag! But I wasn't talking about that, I was talking about the VALLEY NIGHT RIVER that happened last year and not the incident that you watched the basketball exhibition and got hit on the face by a ball that Kwon Jiyong threw to his teammate," Bom said explaining intently while I park the car outside Taeyang's place.
        "You're making me remember it again Bom! Zip it or else I'll leave you at Taeyang's place!," I threatened her, knowing that Taeyang would wrestle her down when he finds out that Bom been eating corns secretly at midnight.
        Bom's face looked startled afterwards and soon she declared, "Please leave me anywhere but not at Taeyang's place!,"
        "Hey girls! Sorry for waiting!," Taeyang interrupted as soon as he goes inside the car. "It's okay Taeyang, we're used to it anyway! How are you and Chaerin anyway?," I asked while I steal a look at Bom's face.
          "We're doing pretty okay. She said she's sorry that she can't come bacause she needs to fix something with regards to her sister, Minji's educational plan. So Sandara, ready to meet your one and only love, Kwon Jiyong?," He asked.
          "Ne. I miss him already and it's been a year since I last saw him. Works been keeping me busy lately," I said as I stepped on the gas.
          Taeyang then started to open up a conversation, "Jiyong, Jiyong! I missed him too. Haha that man! He would always see to it that the annual exhibition Valley River games proceed will be given to some chosen charity foundations. I salute him. Mighty!,"
          "Yes, yes and even a loyal man to his one and only 250lbs girlfriends Santokki. Haha! It was even a miracle that you lost so much weight. Jiyong was even telling you to not go on diet," Silly! There goes Bom again.
          "You want me to leave you at Taeyang's place Bom?," I threatened. 
          "Haha, you crazy girls really! But I agree, he is such a very kind and loyal man! Remember when he accidentally hit you with the ball on the face? That was the first time you met him in person right? Sandara, sorry but I really laughed hard when I saw you. You looked like the whale daughter of Mr. Crabs of Spongebob Squarepants,"
          "You haven't changed Taeyang! Really a kid at heart, haha! But yeah, I was so big that time that the crowd laughed when I was knocked down. I thought Jiyong, being  the usual jerk school captain, would just leave me without saying a word but he did pull me up and said sorry a lot of times. That was really the first time that I fell in love with him, really," I said as I plant a smile on my face.
          Bom on the other hand was busy looking outside the window. "But Sandara, you know what? I hated you so much when you held his hand that night. I envied you so much that I want to suck on all the fats in your body. You don't know how much I despised you. I have been trying to get his attention all these years but that silly incident was one lucky night for you,"
          "Haha. I remembered Bom peeping on the boys shower room checking if Jiyong was still there but Seunghyun caught her. After a month I then found out that you were dating our team's co-captain. Seriously Bom, you are one hot chick! Seunghyun never dated a cubs student ever!," Taeyang said in amusement.
          We were just 5 blocks away till we reach Jiyong's place. Twenty more minutes Jiyong, I'm coming. Taeyang fell asleep while Bom was trying to wake him up.
          "Hey Taeyang! Do you already know what you're gonna say when we reach Jiyong's?," Bom said while throwing the pillow at Taeyang's place.
          "Ahmm let me guess? I'll say- Hey Bro I miss you so much! I'm glad we met again! And I'm sorry for laughing at Santokki the giant three years ago! And that I wanna congratulate you for making a good sexy bunny here? Haha,"
          Taeyang said as he pat my head gently. Dang you Taeyang for saying that I'm a giant turned sexy bunny! "Sandara, we're here. You're ready?," Bom said, interrupting my mind.
          As soon as we arrived, I stepped out of the car and headed towards him. My heart started to beat faster. It has been a hell of one year since I last saw him. One year of so much longing and finally, I'm here with him again. My love, I'm already here.
          With mixed emotion, I stood there and cleared my throat. Soon after the people gathered and looked at me and Jiyong.
          "Ehm. You see, I have been a year away from my baby here. God I missed him so much and I'm so sorry if I have to steal him away from all of you," I said as I give an intent look at Jiyong.

          "A lot of you probably know that Jiyong was a remarkable student, respectable captain, down to earth person, a dependable friend, an obedient son and a loving boyfriend. 3 years ago, I first saw how a great person he was that night the Valley River Exhibition game occurred. My baby treated everybody equally whether you are a jock, a musician, a school poet, a skater or a 250lbs geek.
          My Jiyong, you do not know how hearts you've touched and how many lives's you've changed. You are the student who aced the tests, even though basketball practices were taking much of your time. The team captain who'll force his player to attend commended as ambassador of goodwill and remained his fest on the ground, the dependable friend who'll leave your favorite Sunday TV show just to run 5 streets long when your friend out of gas.
          Kwon Jiyong, I'm more proud of you for tending the great as an obedient son. My Kwon Jiyong, you are the only love in my life, You showed me the ways on how to persevere and be positive about the future. You never showed me any trace of disgust nor denial when we were together.Who would have known that a hot, straight varsity captain would fall in love with a geek, friendless 250lbs girl 3 years ago?
          Thank You my love for everything. The world knows so much how good you are. That it would never be the same without you,"
          Making the people around me cry, I tried to stop every sob that wants to come out from me. Looking at Jiyong, I continued, "My love, I'm sorry if it took me a year to be apart from you. At this very day before these people, I want to tell you that..,"
          Tears were really coming out from me. "I am most proud. Proud of what you did for the whole River Valley School. Its almost a year right? That River Valley night when you hesitated to stay by my side and the whole school was panicking?
          Do you still remember when you pushed me away and said that you needed to rescue the girl who was trapped in a fire at the music room? I gave out a loud cry Jiyong, nobody asked you to save her but you did. We could have just waited for the help but you were too kind. I was selfish and afraid that you might not come back after our arms were pulled apart from each other as I tried to stop you.
          You were already a hero just by being good to everybody. I did not know you had that, am I? Do you know how much I want to feel your warm embrace every time I wake up in the morning?
          Now my love I have come back to commemorate with these people the courageous deeds you have done. My love, its been 1 year since I last touched your hand, 1 years.."

          I stopped talking and continued to cry while Bom was hugging me tight and Taeyang, stroking my back for comfort. I knelt down and kissed the marble plate where the very words, Kwon Jiyong, 1988-2008, your memories will remain in our heart forever.
          My love, we'll be together again soon. I whispered as I kiss his picture lying beside the flowers that surround his grave.

*sigh*----> it's me sighing! xD

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