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Sunday, November 28, 2010
21. Fan-Fic: It's For Yonghwa-Seobang Keke @ Sunday, November 28, 2010

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This will be the second fan-fic I've share in this blog. It has nothing to be relate with the first one which is DaraGon fan-fic but obviously it's another couple which I love the most. Or I might say it's a triangle love? xoxo. Well, I watch We Got Married and I love Sweet Potato YongSeo Couple. But, I keep on wondering if I'm destined to be a rival against Seohyun or what lol because every single man that she has "dated" is my crush! Oh Gaawwd~ Come on, let count together! SuJu Cho Kyuhyun, CNBlue JungYonghwa and TRAX Kim Jungmo lmao! 

Kiddin, my ultimate crush is the first one.
Every single word in the fan-fic is credited to the writer Abstactpersona. Shared from: http://abstractpersona.livejournal.com/17945.html  
Nothing relates with Kyuhyun though :)

Jungmoo the blonde one ;3

He kind of likes her, more than a dongsaeng, and tells himself when she is finally twenty-one, he will tell her how much he does.
What he does not count on is that by that time, she is actually and completely in love with Jung Yonghwa.

So when she gushes to him about the goodness-to-awesome event that she has planned for him, Jungmo can't help but feel a tad jealous. Oh, who's he kidding, he's extremely jealous.
When Seohyun was partnered with Jung Yonghwa for "We Got Married" originally, Jungmo thought nothing of it. Seohyun was, afterall, impervious to emotion. But when she started learning the guitar from Yonghwa after their first meeting---what Jungmo had always wanted to teach her---he could not help but feel a tad threatened.

But when she asks him for help in learning how to play the guitar, he thinks that maybe, it's not as serious as he thinks.
He is glad when he watches the episode where Yonghwa gets jealous of her repeated references to "Jungmo oppa" when she shows off the capo that he has given her, because he wants Yonghwa to know that he is not the only man in Seohyun's life.

But they get over a little too quickly for his liking.
And when one day, she rushes into the studio, miffed and perturbed at Yonghwa's one-month-long lack of communication during one of the film days of "Oh My Goodness!", Jungmo can't help but feel happy. He wonders what is becoming of him because he has never thought so negatively towards another person before
---but rationalizes that this is only because he cares that much for her.

She looks gorgeous in the wedding dress and it makes him want to just go on bended knee before her. Her professionalism in casting off her personal feeling and shooting the music video astounds him and he thinks that maybe she does not like Yonghwa that much after all.

He gets excited when the director asks Seohyun to do a kiss scene with him--but she declines. And out of his attempts to dispel his own disappointment, he joins Jay hyung in teasing her about "Yonghwa-seobang". But he cannot help but feel a tinge of sadness egging him as he laughs at her about it. 

She looks gorgeous in a wedding dress and when Jay remarks "it makes you just want to go on bended knee and propose to her doesn't it?". Jungmo just laughs nervously in response. More than anything...

Seohyun's been gone a month for Japan album promotions and Jungmo is feeling the void that she has left behind. But he revels in the fact that he is the last of the two to see her after the SM Town LA concerts.

He doesn't count on the fact that he would see Yonghwa backstage during a MusicCore recording.

"Hey I heard you're jealous of me and Seohyun?"
The pause before the reply is almost delectable and tastes gorgeous to Jungmo.
"No, it's for the cameras don't you know?"
"Of course."
And Jungmo feels glad because he's hit a nerve and they both know it.
"So you taught her the guitar hmm?" Yonghwa does not wait for an answer. "Thanks hyung, without your help she would not have learned the song that I picked for her."
Jungmo swallows hard. He knows.

"Yeah. Well, did you stop teaching her? Because she asks me now and then to show her a few chords on the guitar." And Jungmo feels like he has scored another victory.
"Oh, I---"
A few days later Jungmo receives a text from Seohyun from Japan. His heart leaps out of his chest for a moment, not having heard from her since she left and he taps on the screen of his phone in anticipation.

You told him I told you he was jealous?
            Oh, not what I had in mind but...
                He told you?
Yeah! Keke!He seemed to take it seriously! What did you say!
               Keke. Nothing really. Just teasing.
Why! ):
              Ah, he seems to be really concerned about you. Look after him well yeah?
I'll do my best oppa! Take care and see you soon! ^^
            All the best in Japan :)

He puts the phone gently down on his desk amidst a mess of paper and pencils, smiling quietly to himself. Jungmo's heart feels a lot heavier than the flutter that he got when he saw Seohyun's message.
But he knows that he must take a step back this tim, because no matter how much he loves her, her heart belongs to someone else.

*Sigh* ----> its me sighing again lol

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