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Monday, November 29, 2010
22. Jiji's The Luckiest Kitten @ Monday, November 29, 2010

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I'm cat lover- jj 
Okay, I got final paper tomorrow but still typing this entry because I'm too high with @mjjeje's tweet! xD So, forgive me with the lack of synchronization's of the words and grammar. @mjjeje tweet something relates with his life, song and what-so-ever thing, I won't spazz it here, you can read the news tomorrow on DailyKpop or AllKpop keke. The only thing that catch my attention along his flooded and massive tweets is that, how much he loves his cat JiJi. Bet you already know about Jiji. Aside from Heechul's famous Heebum, Yesung's turtle Ddangkoma and Junsu's Tiger, no other pet can catch my attention. And now it's Jiji's turn!
        Jiji is one of a kind, lucky kitten that was born to be love and to be faithfully loyal to his master known as Mr. Kim Jaejoong. Jiji as much as I know is a male cat from a family of.. err I'm not sure lol. Jaejoong's actually owning a dog named Vick, but I never heard about him quite sometimes. Some Cassies said that Vick was took by Jae's family, that's okay for me or else Vick might end up runs after Jiji xD So, Jiji is the new obsession of Jaejoong, though sometimes he looks like an animal freak. Even Junsu can handling his 3 kitten without any problem, but Jaejoong is always encountered few problems while managing Jiji.

                                 "Jiji who's fighting with Jijiji"- @mjjeje

"Scary Jiji.. took him for a bath and now he won't look at me, he even gave me a weird pose up to the point of teasing me"- @mjjeje
"Jiji has grown too big and now it's a problem"- @mjjeje

"Jiji-nim who resting comfotrably.. Ah it seems like I'm the pet and Jiji's the master"- @mjjeje

                                       "Jiji's saying "Yeah?""-@mjjeje

                                  "GG who's suprised by Jiji"- @mjjeje

All translations is credited to @joejjang on twitter :)

So I was like ---Jiji's addict for awhile. How lucky that cat. He got damn HOT master and and has many twin too lol >o< Take good care of your Master Jae hurm Jiji? Dear?? Yuhuu meow~lol


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