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Saturday, November 13, 2010
13. 8 Unacceptable Things About This Picture @ Saturday, November 13, 2010

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Holla :D

I was all wondering who's on earth editing this picture *face palm* it is very bad and I know its not funny at all. But while all this thing happen and makes you wanna slap yourself, why don't we try to find the 8 MOST unacceptable; can't get into your mind; very not brilliant edit; zero logic; stupid joke; STFish joke out of my sight; things about this picture, shall we?

1. The girl inside this picture wore a name-tag; I meant yah of course you got the tag pass into the stadium to meet JYJ but  it seems that the girl was just came back from her class and posed crazily with her course-mates. Obviously she is.
2. The background is so unconvincing which means its too dark for them to take a picture in such place. Don't you think its dangerous for the girl to be there with JYJ alone, or vice versa. I believe that this girl is way too dangerous for JYJ. They are in danger! xD
3. JYJ looks like just flying down from heaven. Darn, they look like angels too!
4. The combination of the color is so freakin annoying. Why choose to be 70's?
5. I bet this girl must be freaking nervous when taking this picture together with JYJ. But she was perfectly posed with a "peace" sign and that makes everything "weird".
6. The space between the girl and JaeChunnie was such a gap! I believe, I always believe that this girl won't be that kind enough to stand besides JYJ without accidentally or non-accidentally touch their body. LMAO!
7. Jaejoong hold a mic? And Junsu stared at the girl. I don't believe that Junsu's secretly admiring this girl but indeed he must thinks "What the heck of this girl editing my picture!" xD
8. And finally, the girl's hidden face. She's afraid that thousand of Cassiopeia might run after her when this picture is posted in this blog. That's why she brilliantly hide her face and that's the most concrete answer given by my brain at the moment.

That's all. Thanks for the picture, courtesy from my private album.
Here's the real one. Taken and shared by @ShaneYoon on Twitter. What a nice guy! He's MC-ing JYJ fans-meeting in New York recently.
Bye for now. Tc!

Shane Yoon: JYJ fans photoshop me out and photoshop you in!
So it's like you took a pic with  JYJ

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