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Friday, November 12, 2010
12. Cooked In A Boil of Madness @ Friday, November 12, 2010

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Hello there :D

I just change the blog-skin for the nth times wondering if its going to be the last :) It requires you to spend your day and night in front of PC, but hey I'm kinda satisfied with this one! Feel good and the feeling is very good indeed, no joke! So how was my past few days at hometown? Great as expected. I don't need to wake up early in the morning and searching for food to eat in the afternoon, don't have to face my lousy roommates when I didn't help them to cook for lunch.

Seriously what's wrong if I don't know how to cook?? ITS NOT LIKE YOU WERE KILLING YOUR ROOMMATES FOR NOT COOKED LIKE AGES WTFIIIISH DON'T BRAG IN FRONT OF ME JUST BECAUSE YOU KNOW HOW TO COOK! I'm not mad, I just ranting for my own goodness. I'll learn how to cook later and to be frank, I know how to cook.. though the food is just edible for myself. Oh well, who care? And I don't care too. Ok, ok, I'll work hard to cook Pasta for Kyuhyun though. *love* Aja aja fighting! Stop ranting and learn cooking!

There's problem on JYJ Los Angeles Showcase, its going to be held as a free concert. Damn! The management is super lousy. The visa rejection, the late performance, darn! Chincha! Please take good care of my JYJ or I'll might turn into a giant cockroach and bug you off! *what a dream*. Well, back to the happy stuff. Due to some causes, *maybe because of too happy playing snow ekekek!* Jaejoong oppa has turned into a Twitter addict. Hey, don't you think that apparently Twitter has become the world most blissful place to be? Full with KPop Superstar *oppa here and oppa there*

My lecturer asked me to call him back due to my lateness of submitting his assignment. Can I rant here?? I admit it was all my fault but what the heck of you, I just made this first mistake and you want to shoot me to death?! Don't underestimate me, the more you do, the more I'll prove to you. I meant, I hate your perception on me, and I'll do what ever I can to get A in your paper!! STFU of my face!

Ok, I'm done.
Be back later bb, I'll try my best in final soon! Wish me luck! Fight the lecturer! xD

                                                               don't laugh laaa pakcik!

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