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Monday, November 15, 2010
14. I'm Spazzing Super Show 3 @ Monday, November 15, 2010

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Hey I'm back!

Yesterday, I wrote an inspirational entry about our boys Super Junior but it turns out to be funny; less inspirational so I decided to delete it, silly me I'm not a good writer that can touch your heart with my post but I'll try. Maybe I'll try later ;) So I guess writing an inspirational entry bout SuJu and TVXQ is in my list to do before, maybe before the end of 2010. Anyway life is ok, only thing it was reallyreallyreallyreally packed with entertainment and sports stuff and I didn't do any revision on my exam. I watch Asian Games in Guangzhou, it was fun especially at the equistran how to spell it, equestrian arena where the horse rider *I don't know the specific name, ride the horse  ---> for sure* and dance along with the music playing behind. What a sport???! I hope Malaysia's contingent can score well in the medal tally and I want to have a backpacker vacation to Guangzhou. Oh well now I'm starting to talk crap...

i want that pink one ;3
#SS3Manila Planning Seat in Araneta Colosseum
image cr to @TwELFs on twitter

Back to the thing, oh you know that usual thing :) Kpop stuff! *bright mode* Apparently people, I mean ELFs are spazzing much about Super Show 3 in Manila. The ticket reservation is already opened but it seems that the VIP holders are full house! Geez, it was sold out within 2 hours, I'm afraid I can't manage myself to get through the SS3Malaysia's hotline! Super Scary indeed! Anyway is there such thing in Malaysia; the hotline reservation?? I don't even know about it. Toinks! I got many Pinoy ELFs friends; i meant it and it's kinda sad they didn't managed to go to SS3. Literally, Philippine is an Archipelago country so it sort of difficult for the rural area or outside of Manila's ELFs to go to the capital city in one shot :(
Still life must be go on and everyday we keeps on praying to meet the boys. I know ELFs heart are beating for Super Junior though they are far from one another. That's an unconditional love that way more expensive than the SS3 VIP ticket. Precious love on and on for Super Junior :)
So how was it? Touching? Inspirational? xoxo
Bye for now (♥)


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