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Friday, November 5, 2010
10. Me and My Lame Studyweek @ Friday, November 05, 2010

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It is very obvious and part of fact of being a university student to have a short study week before their real final examination. So do I. But the best thing about my study week is that I'm not even study my book, nor Facebook but I was and still in a deep thought of editing picture process. Tch! I just found out how to edit this kind of picture and that type of picture. Proud with myself!

Anyway my first GIF is about Kyuhyun, again its Kyuhyun if you feel bored you can throw some bad comments here  lemme post here! I was very excited just see my first GIF, i sent it to Twitter and proudly tagged @GaemGyu. Its Pinky stuff and the best thing bout it is that it works! What? The unstatic picture.


Don't like the introduction, I'll try again. 

My first ever made GIF is working! And I also created this stupid conversation using one new application in Facebook, read it but it's written in Bahasa. 

Can you read it? Just a silly conversation between Kyuhyun, me and Eunhyuk. xD
You can try to create nonsense conversation here http://fakeconvos.com/index.php# ;)
Anyway, I'm really speechless at this moment. Gonna post anything else if it pop-up into my mind later. 
Take good care! 
Thank'z for reading to you, you and YOU! :)
*Yippie i'm going back to hometown soon*

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