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Tuesday, November 9, 2010
11. These Macro's Really Made My Day! @ Tuesday, November 09, 2010

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I just came back to hometown and will be here around 2 weeks, celebrating Hari Raya Haji with family before continuing my final exam *sigh* i know, what the fish is the schedule maker! Grrrhh..

Lately, i got too many ideas inside this brainy brain to be accomplish! I want to do this, want to do that aigoo near to final also want to play huh? This is not a joke, I think this is due to a lot of Satan around me that urge me not to study. Hehe.. Anyway i had collecting many Kpop Macro recently, its damn funny! I'm not even ShaWol but reading those macro bout Shinee's Onew made me want to pinch his cheek! 
Err.. too much?? 
Onew really a chicken hunter huh? lol 

ooh this is our leader Teukie, call me crazy call me blind, still cute though♥ 

you are oppa, with me wohoho
*i'm dead meat*

love the badass! haha

PumpkinMin be careful don't run after the bitch, you'll stumbling on him xD 

Minho and Yoogeun soooo damn fashionista!
all credits of macro's goes to the the kpop fb on tumblr, you guys are great! 

While writing this stuff, I'm listening to Full House OST. That Full House drama, you can't remember it? The one with famous Bi Rain and Song Hyegyo.That drama was the first one for me laa.. Minhyuk oppa was really hot at that moment but not now hahah! If you want to be part of KDrama-addict, i suggest you to watch this drama. You'll feel freaking blissful! Why on earth I'm talking bout this, I'm not even planning it! Err, the OST is very soothing you know. That's all I can say. Ah, I think I know why I'm writing this. I've just finished watching Filipino version of Stairway To Heaven on tv. Ek? Hangang Langit if I'm not mistaken. Correct me if I'm wrong :)

I might a Kpopperz who eat Kpop, drink Kpop and sleep Kpop but frank to say or Frank Lampart already said "I'm listening to other genre of music too". I'm indie lover that's why i followed all Estranged member in Twitter. If you do not know who's Estranged, please Google them. And I got two tweet reply from them :) Estranged is great! If I ever got a reply from @GaemGyu a.k.a Kyuhyun on Twitter, I'll be the happiest human being in this world. Finally! Got something to talk about Kyuhyun! *joy* 

p/s Frank Lampart is England/Chelsea football player, got nothing to be relate with this entry except if he kick my Torres, I'll kick him too and yes! Liverpool won over Chelsea last Sunday! Victory! Victory! 
and p/s again I'm not Estranged because of the drummer *go Google him!*, oh well maybe a lil bit but who cares! xDD

Hella weird!
Ooooh not that nice ending, *sigh* I'll continue with happy ending..

Malaysian independent music and Korean music has nothing much to be related. 
It just me who relating both of 'em. 
11.11 wish - I want to be a backpacker
p/s its not even 11.11 am nor pm

Bubye for now, I might updating again tomorrow as I said before, I got too many to write but I don't know what. Maybe it will pop-up again and again tomorrow. The idea, I mean.

Take good care and thanks for reading to you, you and you.. :)

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