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Wednesday, December 1, 2010
23. Tag: 100 Truths About You @ Wednesday, December 01, 2010

6 note (s)

I got my first tag from Snow Paradise's owner Siti Aisyah :) Kamsa dongsaeng-ah. Let see if I got enough imagination over this tag.

1. Real Name: Secret lol, just believe me as Fahamokha90
2. Nickname: Faha, FahaKyu, FahaKyuMax, Fahatot eh recently I'm also known as FahaChun lolz (faha & yoochun, not that I'm pertaining myself as a CUN girl xD)
3. Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius same as Xiahki
4. Male/Female: Yaa, Mrs.Kyu I'm a gurlgalous girl!
5. Elementary School: Aigoo secret again, this is too private! 
6. High School: Secret, secret! *copying SuJu's Full House Anya*
7. College: Bu neng shou de mi mi (SECRET! lol)
8. Hair Color: Black, not blue not yet white.
9. Tall/Short: What? Me? Or my hair?
11. Sweat/Jeans: Confuse @.@ err, depends.
12. Phone/Camera: I want new camera! For SS3 keke
13. Health Freak: No, no I'm healthy. A little bit freak but not that serious.
14. Orange/Apple: What kind of question is this? Well, it's apple. Much better if red apple lol
15. Do you have crush on someone: Currently its Park Yoochun but in reality, someone yeah keke-- full of confident lol
16. Eat/Drink: Eat first and drink later.
17. Piercing: No no I'm scare HAHA
18. Pepsi/Coke: I'm not into soft-drink. Heck, seriously HAHA 

19. Been in an aeroplane: No *jealous* but I've been in helicopter--- in PetroSains xD
20. Been in a relationship: Can I call it as a relationship? I love him bwahhaha--- Cho Kyuhyun keke
21. Been in a car accident: Waaaaaaa, NOPE. 
22. Been in fist fight: I don't know maybe a pillow fist fight? 

Because this tag seems a little bit depressing, in some cases it makes me too straight forward, why don't I write something else that literally might catch people attention. Just for a gap. I knew it.

Well, it's already December 1st. D.E.C.E.M.B.E.R. Time really flies isn't it? End of year is coming, and 30 days to go for 2011. I'm reallyreallyreallyreally glad 2010 going off soon though it's kinda sad to leave it, but hey this year was totally pathetic, sorrowful, tragic, melancholic, and yes, regretful. Pity me so BAD. Let's hope for a better year in 2011. I'll build upon this reckless thing to fade away. Nevertheless, December coming with great news, I'm going to turn 20 yaaaay! Bleeeh. Not yet ready but I'll accept it as faith kekeke. I'm still stand in a place with Xiah though, gonna celebrate it with him :3 Keke--- In my dream /craps. By the way, Xiah's blowing his birthday candle on December 15th :)

23. First household chores: Ayt! Kill my mood, I'm lazy girl xD
24. First best friend: Haha, secret, Husna la maybe, lost contact unfortunately. Nadia Shafikah, wow I'm listing my kindergarten friends lol lost contact too.
25. First award: Haizt, IDK lost memory haha somewhere in kindergarten maybe.
26. First crush: Err honestly WAS on assistant prefect leader in my school lolz
27. First word: Aaaaaa..
28: First section: I don't understand (?) 2nd row? 
29. Last person you talked to in person: Roomate? Sezza :3 She asked me to accompany her watching Malay's horror film Ngangkung, no no way dear I'm busy answering this question lol
30. Last person you texted: My older sister, she asked me to top-up her phone wth.
31. Last person you watched a movie with: Su, Harry Potter and The Sorcerer Stone on my pc, ended up praising how handsome Oliver Wood is.
32. Last food you eat: Choka choki, err accepted?
33. Last song you listen to: Tiada Kata Secantik Bahasa - Monoloque (tributes to P.Ramlee love it)
34. Last thing you bought: New hard-disk 1Tera ;D 
35. Last person you hugged: My ibu? 

36. Food: Anything. I'm kinda ferocious on food, no yearning xD
37. Drink: Plain water, how sweet.
38. Bottom: Upper?
39. Flower: Chrysanthemum, oh yeah I love the tea too.
40. Animal: Cat :3
41. Color: It's GREEN to be honest but I'm fine with RED and BLUE kekeke
42. Movies: Anything, as long as its not retarded slow at the beginning or else I'll change it to fast speed.
43. Subject: Free-will, Snape's Potions maybe?

This is shupa tiring. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!


Okay I'll stop here first. Gonna continue it in a second. KThxBye. Excuse lol.

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