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Sunday, December 5, 2010
25. Chajatta Nae Sarang :) @ Sunday, December 05, 2010

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I'm back to hometown yesterday morning :) But I didn't accomplish one thing that I had promised before, haven't finished downloading Sungkyunkwan Scandal. That was bad. Nevertheless, I managed to get 2 dramas Personal Taste and Witch Yoo Hee as the prize /lol. Totally have no idea with this thing. So, my end of year holiday will be full with Korean drama <3 I really love SKK Scandal, not because of there's Yoochun in it. If there is a chance that the main actor is not Yoochun himself, I will still watch the drama without any hesitation. Well, personally my intention here is to show you that I'm a KDrama addict /HAHAHA kidding ;p

I got some thought that SKK Scandal is almost the same as kdrama Your Beautiful, by any chance maybe the raw idea was probably came from the same person keke. The basic plot of the drama is about how this main female character /Kim Yoonshik and Go Minam, disguises themselves to be a man in order to save their brother from a what-so-ever-said problem. While on the other hand, the male character, in this case they are Lee Sun Joon and Hwang Taekyung respectively, show some annoying character at the beginning. Arrogant, high and mighty, rich and untouchable, cocky lol so on and so on but loveable ;D If you still do not know, Goo Yongha, the handsome lad from SKK Scandal played by heart-throb Song Joongki is also part of Cassiopeia! /joy lol! Maybe he's secretly adoring Yoochun in the drama xDD while Yoo Ah In is a heart-stealer omigggoood~ raise your hand if you love the character like Moon Jaeshin. Calm, calm and protective ahaha! Both of them attended JYJ Concert in Seoul to support their cast-mate Chunnie. Love the bond! <3 By the way, am I promoting this drama?? Why on earth writing this entry about them? @.@ Hummffhhh.. AH! I LOVE PARK MINYOUNG TOO. It's okay with me if Yoochun made a statement that he's actually in loves with Minyoung for real lololol /too much! At least he got intention too get married eh? In the drama... with Park Minyoung... xDD SKK Scandal FTW, fighting Yoochun :) In the meantime, I found out something here to be lol-ing at:

Yunho: We are Dong Bang Family. I am the daddy, Jaejoong is the mommy, Changmin is the youngest child and Junsu and Yoochun are..
Junsu: Yoochun is my wife!

Junsu probably will be head over heal jealous with this xDD

Fan-boy Soon Joongki, Always Keep The Faith okaay? xD Red ocean Cassiopeia

Even Jaejoong is close with the other actors in SKK Scandal. This guy is one of the badass in the drama. I forgot his name. Jaejoong looks like a badass himself xDD

"Pinch your cheek pervert guy, remember your Junsu-ya" -mommy JJ


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