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Tuesday, December 7, 2010
26. Havoc Crapping @ Tuesday, December 07, 2010

9 note (s)

I got plenty of thing to be jot down here but every time I wrote it down, it will sounds ridiculous /sigh. So I delete it for the nth times. Well, life is good, I'm fasting today and yeah it's Maal Hijrah :) Something happened yesterday that made my stomach full with butterflies, I got text saying that I'm one of those high marks in this  paper /speechless at the moment. I'm glad with it for sure. Anyway I'm kinda blurr on what to do in my end of year holiday. I might end up my holiday in this house without doing nothing. Well, it's not a big deal for me, I'm used to it :) I think I need some holiday. It seems that my brain already want to talk craps here. I have no idea on what I'm writing here. Maybe because of the hungry roaming stomach that keen for food in the afternoon. Seriously, I'm sad because I didn't eat the Chipsmore on the table early sahur this morning /sigh. Yaaa so weird! Stop the craaaappps! I want to have a happy holiday like Super Junior. Ah! You give me idea on what to do next! I should finish watching UKISS Chef Kiss by the end of the day! AlKiDong team is so funny :3 kekeke. I should learn to cook this holiday, something that UKISS cooked in the show. Gaaaah, food again~ Have a happy Maal Hijrah everyone. Forgive me with this nonsense entry, I just feel ... hungry. Tsk! Eh, by the way, in case you still didn't know, 8TV is going to air Kdrama You're Beautiful starting on December 15 or 16, something like that. Oh God, I don't know why I screamed hard by just watching their advertisement. I got a copy of the drama but seeing those member of A.N.JELL on television brought some different kind of feeling. You know what I mean right? Well I think I should go now. Bye bye see ya peeps :) /short and meaningless entry lol.

I think Kiseop is so cute here xD AlKiDong ♪♫

Oh oh TVXQ's Vacation :) I want!

This will be a super duper great vacation lol! Me and SuJu and TVXQ /craps

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