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Monday, December 13, 2010
28. Google Map For Life :] @ Monday, December 13, 2010

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I didn't write much few days back. It's a normal day at hometown, hot and rains, no snow falls down on this part of Earth called Malaysia even its near to Christmas /crap. Thinking of cutting my hair. Let see, let see. I'm just planning. Still coughing hard though, husky voice like Serina C. Em' not hoping that something something is happened on my body, blood cough etc etc... /crap nothing bad happened here. 엄마~ your daughter needs attention, she don't want to eat those Panadol like no more tomorrow.! But oh well, I'm not anti-medicine. I love those tiny miny cute tablets :]
For sure....!

I heard some news from course-mate that examinations results is coming out soon, I'm not yet ready for this dear God.! Please bless me, I know, I'm kinda lazy girl who didn't do proper revision, some course-mates went to library in a group to do extra revision together but me? I was busy on Twitter and Blogging. Keke. And, I haven't send yet that "important paper" to Mr. Sharil oh God oh God, effin nervous.! I'm dying here.! That's it! So I'm planning to speak up about this matter in the whole entry but something else distracted and grabbed my attention.

It's the Google Map ㅡㅂㅡ"')
Hurfmp hey this is random but super interesting.! I just found out the way to KLIA and Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil from this site. Woooots! Whether it is via car, public transport or even walking, the duration and direction are all specified on one site and it's definitely one of the zomgthisiseffinawesome site I've ever met /too much I know XD Am I that freaking lame girl who's the last to know about this thing? Oh my! /face-slap. But I don't care. I MUST PLAN SOME TRAVEL TO THIS VENUES NEXT SEMESTER! Yaay :) Maybe some weekend walks around the stadium and airport, if allow by the guard. Err, I'm not sure about that. Maybe gonna watch some football match, oh come on! Malaysia versus Vietnam will be held this Wednesday at the stadium :P Sport mode is ON! Maybe some tour on the AIRBUS plane /crap. And, and oh yes my ultimate reasons, Super Junior Super Show 3 and some mumbling JYJ's Concert to be looking forward! And other Kpop concerts for sure. Please, 2011 for the win! /throw confetti without reason. My backpacker dream will be ALIVE again oh yeah. I know this thing sounds pretty dangerous for a naive girl like me *oh gawd /face-palm* but come on, lets think positive. I'm here for the adventures :D Hiyaaah! 

See, I'm quite marvelous on the individual outdoor activities but not for the group indoor activities and vice versa. I'm retarded girl /get brick by Mr.Sharil XDD That's why I believe that I should be a tourist guide girl  rather than people who count the money and manage people's life /excuse lol.
Shall write no more. Take care yaa peeps! Drink more plain water :]
(wow, a healthy advice from sick people lol)

            This map is obviously my planning route to reach that Bukit Jalil Stadium and KLIA wehehehehe

That campervan behind is pretty good for backpacker like me. Easy to travel. Aigoo, so serious?? XDD

Err, nothing relates with the matter though. But this Yoochun guy was having his day off at LA :)


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