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Thursday, December 16, 2010
29. Because Xiah 오빠 is My Birthday Gift♥ Keke @ Thursday, December 16, 2010

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This entry is solely dedicated for TVXQ's very own dolphin master, Xiah Kim Junsu :)

Eukyangkyang LOL
I may not your biggest fan 오빠 but you must know this. I am your biggest supporter! You might be the one who always being the bullied victim in TVXQ but it worth as you win me as your cheer leader /bleeeeEH. Now you're turning 24th, my maternal feeling towards you is increasing LOL. You're like a baby dolphin /I'm talking craps here. I must protect you from Yunho, Jaejoong and especially Yoochun/Changmin evilness! Yesterday midnight, I celebrated your birthday countdown with co-Cassiopeia in the CassGal :) It was fun, we made a wish together, it will be nice if you can read it 오빠. Totally had a blast of wishes! Just a simple virtual celebration though. We had a chat and shared some news about JYJ and HoMin. Haven't meet other Cass quite sometimes maybe because they're busy now. Same here I guess. Oh, maybe I should post some of their wishes here <3 

"Happy Birthday Xiah. Wish you all the best in life. Hope to see you guys perform again in one stage. Always Keep The Faith. Cassie loves you. More success in whatever path you choose. We just here always supporting you until the end." - Cassiopeia Yuki.

[Xiah and Bestie Eunhyuk in their teenage's life, they don't look like a  future entertainer don't they?]
"Saengil Chukka Hamnida Kim Junsu oppa. Seems that yesterday was the day I celebrated your 21st birthday. Time flies isn't it? But my faith for TVXQ is not. Be happy always oppa, we know you miss HoMin too as much as we do. Be healthy, don't be sick. Please eat well and always smile. If you feel unhappy you can kick Yoochun or simply bully Eunhyuk. Keke. Always laugh because your eukyangkyangkyang made Cassiopeia happy. Wish you a great career in the future. Keep the promise to be 5 again! Aja fighting Kim Junsu! We love you~! Happy 24th Anniversary Xiahtic! :D" - Cassiopeia Faha

"Happy Birthday Kim Junsu! Xiah the dolphin. I love you! I hope you'll stay healthy and happy in your wonderful life! Still, I hope JYJ and HoMin will be one again. Let the world fills with pearl red ocean! Fighting dear Xiah! To think of it, it's my first to celebrate TVXQ's member birthday. You're the first! May you're wish come true! Saranghae oppa! With lots of love! Maybe I'm sad because its my first time celebrating your birthday and you guys are not together but I want you to be happy on this day, we as the Cassiopeia want to see you happy. ^_______^" - Cassiopeia Nina

"Saengil Chukkahanmnida Kim Junsu! Hope you'll always success in your career. I hope you'll know that all Cassiopeia in this world always supporting and love you! Hwaiting!" - Cassiopeia Shi

"Saengil Chukkahamnida Kim Xiah Junsu. I love you, saranghaeyo, aku cinta padamu!^^ Oppa, I hope you will success always. The other members too as well. Be happy in your special day. Suddenly, I miss your cute look. This is my 1st time to celebrate your birthday, the first time too, celebrating one of TVXQ's member's birthday. Happy to celebrate it and at the same time sad to think that you're not together yet. Hope you'll celebrate your birthday with the rest of TVXQ. Always Keep The Faith. Cassiopeia is like a guardian, we will support you from behind. Happy birthday to Kim Junho too :)" - Cassiopeia Sha
This eukyangkyang meaning is super EPIC R.O.F.L

"May our lovely TVXQ reunited as one and hopefully they'll perform in one stage, so that Cassiopeia's heart won't be covered with rust anymore. Saengil Chukkahamnida to the Kim Xiah Junsu, the cutest dolphin of TVXQ. Saranghaeyo!" - Cassiopeia Maui 

As the clock already hitting 12 o'clock in the midnight giving a clue that it's already December 16th, I think I should make my own birthday wish. Just simply write, my wish will be as much the same as the other birthday girl :) Maybe on other entry?? Eukyangkyangkyang LOL I wish I'm eternal happy girl. That will be nice.
Shall end my post, I'm SPEECHLESS AND SHY lol /brick XDDD

#Xiahday was trending on December 15th :) Guess what #Fahaday is trending at Top 10 Worldwide too XDD kthnxfine, not funny at all..

Too happy  오빠?? :D

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