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Sunday, December 26, 2010
31. I Sent You Away But My Waiting Has Just Begun @ Sunday, December 26, 2010

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It's almost 5 years since the first time I heard about this fandom name. If ever need to describe in more literal way, I'm in my Cassiopeia's teenager stage as TVXQ themselves is just turning 7 years old. Maybe I'm sort of senior among other but very lame senior indeed. Muahehe. Thanks goodness, I'm kind of Cassiopeia who is very consistent, never get distracted with rumors, or rather get tired of supporting TVXQ. Not even get swoon by number of newcomer even if there's thousandth of boy bands out there, I only keep my faith along with Cassiopeia :)

There are too many reason to love them, and indeed the love is bonded from every priceless moment that Cassiopeia spend with TVXQ. But lately, some of the new generation of Kpop fans, I know they are young and new but saying something like "TVXQ? The one that already break up, dismissed aren't them?" is just wth. Give us a respect, rookie, they didn't know the fact that TVXQ is the best group in the Asia. They started the Kpop Waves in Malaysia respectively, perfect 5 that turned the fan-girl's life up-side-down. Good looking and charming, they have a silky smooth vocal as well. I personally think that  they are the real deal in the world of Kpop entertainment. Blessed guy with immaculate packaging. Please take a note, each one of them. Way much better than the current new Kpop groups.

TVXQ relationship is pure among 5 of them. For me, Uknow is still Jung Yunho, a straight guy from Jeonrado, that want to look cool and the best in front of other member. Hero is still Kim Jaejoong, a shy guy who loves cat hehe, though seems to be flawless on the stage. Micky is forever Park Yoochun, the dorkiest members that have no intention of getting married. Xiah, is still Super Junior Eunhyuk's bestie, the one who got tendency of laughing on his own joke before others do. And last, Max Shim Changmin, maknae that mature before the time. I miss them on one stage, but I know that JYJ's missing toward them is greater than anyone else.

I still remember the day when TVXQ's unfavorable future with SM Entertainment had been published almost 2 years ago. It's was awful and shocking! It shake my faith on TVXQ as I couldn't find the best reason to overcome my disappointment to them. What's wrong and where's the problem started? I prayed that it was just a slick rumor from media, trying hard to keep my faith on TVXQ. Every time watching their MV's and variety shows, I ended up crying. And know, all of Cassiopeia are the same with me. It's weird for the outsider. Even though I never meet them, I couldn't help but to cry whenever they cry, to feel the pain whenever they are in pain. It's a love that so intense that it can even withstand the distance. So, I'm still here believing Yunho's promise to protect TVXQ. And yes he is now.

What makes me continuously loving TVXQ is that because of the passion shows by each of the Cassiopeia that keeps on burning day by day. They are TVXQ's source of strength, always there the moment their idols need full support. They loyally speak up Always Keep The Faith and Miduhyo (I Believe) for TVXQ. The bond creates among them is indescribable as each one of them barely different races, nations and religions. Yes, indeed I'm talking about the pure Cassiopeia, not the one who's following others, neither the one who didn't respect our oppa and other fandom. Oh for sure, it's not you who want to stand for JYJ and against HoMin. I'm not JYJ nor HoMin fan, I'm TVXQ's fan.  

The times pass by and today I feel piss off with the fact that Cassiopeia is breaking part. TVXQ being forgotten and its getting hard to find 5 of them in one picture on Tumblr-- pissed off. They were way too young on Youtube's videos--- pissed off. Hehe. Yoochun becoming too HOT and pissed off. Jaejoong got JiJi and pissed off /bricks. But I'm no more sending effin statement on any bad thing happened on them. No more thinking of k*lling Lee Soo Mean, Man (am I going to be accuse in court with this statement?) No more crying hard watching Yoochun hugging Jaejoong instead of Changmin--- I'm Soul Fighter shipper. Not anymore. I'm working my best to be calm and patient. I'm still a Cassiopeia, but it won't be the same as before. Maybe this is what people called as maturity. I reach the stage of maturity as my consciences improve. Seeing all those senior Cassiopeia like Maui, Sis Ai and others that already become a fan since the beginning of TVXQ days facing the troubles with perseverance and calm, I know one day I'll be like them later. I believe in TVXQ, they're mature enough to deal with problem, and I'll stand here giving them support eternally.

I cant predict what will happen in the next 5 years. I'll graduate, work and maybe getting married with someone other than Changmin,.. or Yoochun tsk! But one thing that I can be sure of is that I'll share to the world, how much I'm proud of being a fan of TVXQ The Legend keke. Today or for the next 5 years, I will always proudly say that "I'M STILL KEEPING MY FAITH TO TVXQ. I MAY LOST OR I MAY FORGET, BUT I'LL NEVER LEAVE."

Happy 7th Anniversary TVXQ from me, your Cassiopeia. Thanks for the happiness you bring in my life.
You'll be 5 again, Miduhyo :)

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