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Thursday, December 30, 2010
32. Tag: SUPERHERO TAG? @ Thursday, December 30, 2010

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Oh this is so fun, I've been tagged by Drama Queen's blog owner, Aisya Sakura just now :) The best thing about this tag is that, it was accidentally in the same boat as my current mood. It's football mood. I'll elaborate it later, one for sure it will be a long entry again. By the way, thanks Aisya for your lovely description about me, you're nice and cute dongsaeng too *hugs* *teary eyes* hehe. 

Answer this questions after you've been tagged. (I've translated it ekekek!)

1. Who is your ultimate SUPER HERO that you think is the most SUPERB? 

Well, as I mention before, I'm in football mood, if you're not a football fan, I'm deeply sorry but my SUPER HERO at the moment is Malaysian goalkeeper for AFC Cup 2010, Mr. Khairul Fahmi Che Mat lololol this is damn funny entry! I can't help but to feel impress with his performance at the final match. It seems that according to one Indonesian fan: His hands is like a magnet, the ball run on him straight away. Nice one! Indonesia got a precious opportunity to score the first goal from a penalty but as you know our hero of the day, my SUPER HERO XDD was aware with the thing and managed to save the kick. /Throwing confetti! Oh well, though he had conceded two goals at the second half, Malaysia still won the match with the aggregates 4:2. Heeheee why on earth writing  football thing here., weirdo. I'm not new to this football thing, I'm big supporter of Liverpool FC blablabla, I guess no one wants to read this football post here haha. Funnehhh~ By the way, I personally thing Fahmi should won the MVP yesterday as he's played well on the match. MVP- Most Valuable Player ;D But never mind. What else? He was trending on Twitter Trend yesterday, at no 5 spot, wow. And it seems that every girl either from Malaysia or Indonesia spazzing much about him. Me? No la, I think he just fine fine guy lol /shy bricks /craps! His taken btw, I've read his girlfriend's blog. I don't want to promote her blog here ROFL! 

2. If you have a POWER ability, what will be your power?

Woah Harry Potter! No I mean I would love to have some ability to read people mind. But please, this kind of gift should comes with the CONTROL's help section lol. I don't want to hear people's mind every day and every second. You know what you'll be like crazy listening others talks bad about you --based on experience?? lol. I need to learn how to control it.  

3. Tag this entry to 3 SUPER READERS that you think is the most SUPERB. /random chosen---> me

a) Pikakitty -  피카 스토리 
Typical girl with awesome ambition, go go girl! <3

b) Anasukecokelat - no other person like you
She watches live football game for the first time hehe.

c) Ayakane - A Soul's Story
New friend of mine from Singapore, hello hello *waves :)

This is love confession's section. Ahehe. 
I've been thinking a lot, well it was supposed to be call as analyse. Guy who is in a serious mode, deep thought, very preoccupied with his jobs got my eyes on him. No, I mean in the sea of people, there'll be a guy who is very down-to-earth. Nobody's care. In the sparkle of million's flashlight, there'll be one that secretly shining out so bright. That's my type. What I want to say here is that, listen! Khairul Fahmi is not the one that catches my eyes LOL. Nobody's care on my retarded opinion. 26 ftw ♥ lol 

A week to go before starting my new semester. Shall write no more. Bubye :)

Patriotic? (/^o^)/

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