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Sunday, January 23, 2011
36. Tag: Waiting For Super SHINee-ing Day @ Sunday, January 23, 2011

5 note (s)

I received this award from the owner of KYMINHOFLAME.BLOGSPOT.COM, Miss Kimmy :) She's a big fan of Shinee's very own Flaming Charisma, Choi Minho. Oh yes, this award came together with a meaningful question from the owner. I'll answer it later^^

I'm having a pretty tiring day and night this week. The main reason why I haven't post number of entry. Yeah, and I hope it will be pass as fast as possible. I can see some dark winkles under my eyes *its already been there like ages XDD. Recently my Taekwando class was quite annoying, those kicks and punch skills are almost burdensome. Assignments are growing like a bunch of after rain's mushroom. Waaahh, really Malaysian, cendawan tumbuh selepas hujan. Pfft... Anyway have you heard about the confirmation of Super Show 3 Malaysia that will be held on March 19th? Yaaaay something that I've been longing for! Hope I can make it through to the concert. It will be the biggest achievement ever. Heehee for me lahh. The organizer is Running Into The Sun (RITS), the same organizer of Singapore SS3. I've doing some research about the previous SS2, how was the environment/situation of the concert, what to bring and what can't bring. Reading some fan-account about SS2 makes my adrenaline rush lol as some of the ELFs said that they can even saw Yesung's dimple when he got nearby them. I wonder if Yesung really has a pair of dimple (?). The SVIP holders (the one who buy inside the box ticket, damn near to the stage) need to reserve their own spot before the concert. to get the perfect view of SuJu. Last year was havoc, some of them even build a camp outside of the Bukit Jalil Stadium, can you imagine that? I'm thinking something like Harry Potter's Quidditch World Cup situation XDDD This year will be the year where I'll wasting some excessive money. JYJ's concert to be look at and etc etc. Moneeeeeh, come to me puhleeeeaasee~

"Make sure you answered my question. Only one question, what song/s that really determine your feeling & your life right now?"

I'm writing this entry early in the morning (8am), so expect my weird behavior to be there, still around me. Mood is quite good, but I'm in a great need to finish my ultimate assignment. One week before Chinese New Year, and one week to go before the assignment's due date OTL. Hell week heheeh before triumph. Well, well, my answer seems not suit into the question XDDD I have this song in my mind since yesterday, its not Korean song btw. Its Lily Allen's song, F*ck You. You know what the title is pretty wild, I know. But its quite nice anyway if you're hating someone at the moment haha. 

"F*ck you, f*uck you very very much. Cause we hate what you do,
And we hate your whole crew, so please don't stay in touch"

Seriously its really not good for health hahaa. So I decided to change it to Super Junior's song to show that I'm freaking excited with their coming to the town next next month. Listen To You, Kyuhyun's solo song hehe. 

"My heart hears you from head to toe, although the whole world laugh at me but my heart only listen to you,
One two three you smile and I think I lost my breath,
Stay the way you are, I'm gonna say I love you and kiss you everyday
I love you love love you forever,"

My planning sketch book for him is not finish yet, I don't have enough time to draw it aigoooo..

\Kyuhyun: Pouts~

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