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Sunday, January 30, 2011
37. Tag: SPECIAL AWARD :) @ Sunday, January 30, 2011

3 note (s)

Hey I'm here. To the place where I belong to <3 Well, its called home heehee. January seems to be pretty unproductive for this blog. I was like submitted 3 entries and that's all. And today is already 30th of January. One days left before February knocking 2011's door. It's rainy day all over Malaysia I guess and Singapore too. No more hot day for SuJu oppa as they're performing for Super Show 3 at Singapore Indoor Stadium 2nd legs, the moment where this entry is written down. Well, I'm receiving a special tag from the owner of MachiShupp.blogspot, Machi :) She's a Malaysian girl and also a die-hard ShaWol ----> Taemints something like that XDD This tag is pretty special as it is made for the best blog commentator ever lol /I assumed it myself. Keke. Well, I'll answer the questions provided now :)

1. Can you tell me what kind of person is your bias to you?

Ohmyy cute question lol. I'm pertaining to Kyuhyun and Changmin okay? Naah, guess what, everytime I saw Kyuhyun, there'll be a glimpse of Changmin and vice versa. Both of them are almost the same according to meh. They're the MAKNAE, and they're EVIL. They're BESTIE and they're TALL. They are born on FEBRUARY and they're on the SAME AGE. They're MATURE than the real age but they're HANDSOME. They're HONEST to everyone. They LOVE people who love them, but do not know how to portray the feeling in the right course. The most important thing is that they didn't pretend to be somebody else. They'll be a good man, I guess. A good friend, a good boyfriend, a good husband XDD a good dad^^ a good companion for life :) I'm ChangKyu shipper \m/ lol. Ohmyyy can you feel this, I'm so glad I'm writing this stuff. Blissful ♥ 

2. How did you like him in the first place?

I remember this very well, I first met Changmin when I watch Rising Sun MV on 8TV few years back. The way he did the Slow Dance and screamed out loud really caught my attention LMAO XDDD Very well performed. On the other hand, Kyuhyun was not my first bias in Super Junior, it was Kibum. But the moment I saw Kyuhyun dance in Sorry Sorry MV, I know I'm here for him LOL. Lame reason, I know. Just the way he is :)

3. When was the last time you searched for his name in search engines (Google, Y! etc)?

January 23rd for Cho Kyuhyun lol I search for his pouting picture, if you can see, it was on the previous entry XDDD. For Shim Changmin, it was on this week too, barely about TVXQ SMTown in Japan hehe. I'm lame girl I know. 

4. If your bias came to your country, what would you do?

I'm planning to attend Super Show 3 so I guess I'll scream out loud if Kyuhyun is in front of me. HAHA. Well. Yesterday I was reading some tweet from Singaporean ELFs on SS3 first leg. One of them tweet about how kind Wookie was, she screamed "Wookie oppa saranghaeyo" and made an eyes contact with him LMAO wookie~ ♥ this is so true. I want something like that HAHA , funny me XDDD

5. What are you thinking about right now?

Well, mainly about how to get the Super Show 3 ticket /damn scare. To finish my effin hard assignments. To enjoy this holiday with family. To finish watching SungKyunKwan Scandal again. To finish reading about photography blog. And how to get more money. HAHA

6. You can tag anyone you would like to give it to!^^

I'll tag two bloggers, Iu Yuni, and Ct AiSYah. Iu, I want to read yours and Aisyah I want to read yours too. LMAO what an end. 


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