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Thursday, February 3, 2011
38. You'll Walk Alone FT9 @ Thursday, February 03, 2011

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He might becomes my favorite football star forever. He may be the reason why I got so contented with football and English Premier League to be exact. He may be the reason why I'm seriously counted money to buy the original number 9 Liverpool jersey at Al-Ikhsan sport center nearby house. He may be the reason I woke up on early weekend morning just to watch any football match. He may one of the reason why I love RED so much *aside from TVXQ. He may be the reason why I confronted my Chelsea and Manchester United classmates without any fear. He may be the reason why I carelessly spent my money on buying the football magazines every week and month. He may be the reason I amazingly remembered the previous and current player of Liverpool FC and all player in EPL to be frank. He's the reason why I bought a black hair scarf *sounds silly though. He's the reason why I think stadium is kinda romantic place for a date. Duhh.

But in this case, loyalty is an ultimate thing for me. Loyalty is totally a main thing for me. Betrayal is a big no no. But people's changing isn't it? Hate it seriously but I never know how much have I changed personally. A lot maybe. I don't know how to describe it but I'm Torres-Gerrard shipper.Talking craps how many of you here are well known about Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres? Deep sigh/ But I know deep inside in my heart, he'll always be my numero uno footballer all the times. Quite sad duhh? Have I told you before I'm quite a football addict? 

My Melwood dream is already like burning and turns into ashes. My high-school was like full of naive dream that possibility won't come out to be real, first: visiting South Korea, second watching football match at Anfield Stadium and Liverpool team practicing at Melwood.

Dear Fernando Torres,
You just hurt a nation that is called as Liverpool FC. Its hurt a lot. Maybe I'm thinking too much but signing a contract at Chelsea is just too evil I guess. Once a hero, and now every people who counts one you before this called you as the traitor. Kinda suck and disappointed on you. Heartache. You should think twice about this matter. A legend to be at Anfield or just a mere championship at Chelsea? You're an idol to thousand of young footballer. I won't buy your blue jersey. You won't look good at it. Not that I'm cursing you directly, but that's the fact. I'm cursing you. BleEH.

So long and goodbye FT9, you're now walking alone indeed. Good luck at Chelsea. Sobs. T^T
From: Forever You Never Walk Alone Supporter.

p/s: I guess this is what you get when women are involve into football. Emotion overloaded :P
Happy Birthday my hubby Cho Kyuhyun and Happy Chinese New Year

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