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Sunday, February 6, 2011
39. Song Song Couple @ Sunday, February 06, 2011

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Mood: Mix feeling
Current Playing Song: Love Light - CN BLUE

Hello :) How are you? Hahah. Never-mind I just trying hard to hide my feeling. It kinda miserable at the moment. Oh what's that? /eavesdropping/ someone watching Full House. Pfft. Anyway I just came back to campus after a long /long?/ Chinese New Year holiday. Mum bought me a bolster today, I just wrapped it with new Pooh blanket. When I miss her, I'll hug that bolster. /current position: hugging a bolster/ Hehe, childish.

Well, my holiday was kind of nice. I was doing all well with Jeehan. We watch Running Man kekeke. So here I am writing an entry about my biases in the show. To shorten the explanation about Running Man, I leave you with the wikipedia link XDDD HAHA. Click at the word *RUNNING MAN* It is the current phenomenon show at South Korea now. Well I was randomly watch it due to some Song Joongki's seek+found craziness. I must be a new biases of Joongki. I personally think he looks the best with Song Jihyo. I am a SONGSONG COUPLE supporter! LOL I ship you two guys to death HEHE! I don't mind if Joongki is 3 years younger than Jihyo. I don't mind if other Korean actress looks more match with Joongki because Joongki is only for Jihyo. Crazy me! LMFAO! I don't care about Leesang Gary though Monday Couple is very comical together because I only care about SongSong.

Somehow I think Gary really likes Jihyo. But she just jokes around sarcastically trying to run away from the attention. And I think Joongki has a small crush on Jihyo taking the point that he filmed Frozen Flower with her before this. Maybe he feels the need to protect Jihyo. Aigooo... nae Joongki HAHA. Jihyo unnie with this I command you to take care of Joongki's heart! OK? LOL.

This show will definitely the reason to smile along February. Every SongSong Couple's moment is priceless :)

End of the day, I haven't finish 2 out of 4 assignments. Must work hard tonight. HAHA .

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