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Sunday, February 13, 2011
40. One Week On February @ Sunday, February 13, 2011

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Current Playing Song: Lagu Raya

A week at campus after holiday made me kinda exhausted. Here's the brief summary of this week. Not that enjoyable though.

Monday was just so-so, finished English lesson and then had to listen to Mr. KJ's lecture. Done banking class with Maybank and I went to Taekwando class. This coming Sunday is vital, oooh gosh I will sit for Taekwando test, and I'm not ready. I might end up pretending to kick the ayer ayer and kick the examiner's butt. It should be between the yellow or green belt. Green puhleeease~! >/o\< Tuesday was ok. Wednesday was ok. I think Madam Hafsa kinda like me lol. She always checks my work wehehehe /is that the sign of likeliness?/

Thursday was nice, only one class and wallah~ Friday was miserable. I don't understand with my own schedule. So I decided to skip Statistics class. Bwahahahaha. Saturday /hello, I have class on weekend I know/ was quite nice though Ustaz allowed us to end the class earlier than usual due to his unfavorable health condition, I managed to download 2 episode of KDrama Gumiho XDDD This Saturday is the pre-sale of Super Junior Super Show 3 tickets at Sungei Wang Mall. But behind all this thing, there are a lot of confusing chaos related with the seat plan, bulk tickets, waeyo? Too much depression. Please get enough and go away. Toinkz. HAHA. I hope I can get the ticket and desire seat, AJA! Am I wasting my money on this ticket? Whateverrrr. One of the reason to smile and I won't let it go :)

I revised my Korean language book yesterday as I forgot everything about the tenses and stuff. Apparently I ended up Google-ing a site of one native Korean, SendMeToKorea.com /click the word and it will bring you straight to the site/ I wonder why Korean street looks very attractive. Even all the random picture looks like somewhere inside the infamous drama BOF, Stairway To Heaven, My Girl etc etc. /sigh fan-girling too much/


Me and my roommates planning to go to ICT Shah Alam this weekend. Someone craving too much of taking pictures under the glimmer's light :P The plan is pretty insecure as we have no transportation, etc but personally I think that's more adventurous yaay HAHA. There's a plan of entering a cooking competition. As I don't really good in cooking, I might be there to give a cheerful support to my friend hehe. Well, seriously two of my roommates kinda arguing with one another. And I don't even bother to know about it. They look good in front of each other, but seriously a hidden back-stabber. Am I one of them?? Piss off. 

Another week coming, ppalle ppalle. Finish one step at the time, can't wait to go back hometown lol XDDD

p/s: I just discovered my tendency to write a long essay in this blog. I should be a writer. Hmmpppfff.


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