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Friday, February 18, 2011
41. Bitter For Better @ Friday, February 18, 2011

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I'm sitting on my bed with the ceiling fan on to the last speed and I'm kinda shivering. Or not. Sigh. I'm officially caught with fever. Yes, again. And the bad thing about this fever is that, it was attacking me a day before my important day. The pre-sale of Super Show 3 tickets. I don't even know how can I manage to be there at Sungei Wang Mall if I keep on sneezing with a box of tissue on my left side. Apparently I had skipped one class and I bet my assignment will be like --- add another one, piss off. Head is like going to explode in 30 seconds, and this half nostril pathway is stuck. Breath in, breath out. Bloke nose. IDK why I'm here though rather than having a healthy rest for my body. Of course my brain is dead and not working today but my fingers are like on a coffee rush. They're practically flying on the keyboard.

Anyway, I ate my two tablets of Paracetamol this morning and seriously there's no changes at all. I guess the body is quite strong against such thing like medicine. Hihihi. How was the new blog header? Am I promoting same gender love? Nope, of course its me who is going to marry both of them, Cho Kyuhyun and Shim Changmin lol. For those who pass by this blog, I just want to say --don't get me wrong. I love the brotherhood-friendship of ChangKyu :) So to make it nice, I just wanna wish both birthday boys a happy 23rd anniversary /hugs/

Happy Birthday my ultimate biases. You're so sweet together ♥
Ok I have to cut this short now. Shall write again later, maybe tomorrow. Wish me luck for the ticket war okay?

p/s: this soya bean tastes suck.

this is so cute

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