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Friday, February 25, 2011
42. In Memoriam of Sg Wang Mall @ Friday, February 25, 2011

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This entry was practically to be written on February 19th but due to my busy life as a student /like serious?/ I just started to type it today. Anyway student life is veryveryveryvery annoying. I don't know why but I believe my life has turn upside down with plenty of assignment. Mid-term is around the corner and there are number of test to be gone through. But at least I still managed to hitch myself with Twitter update <3 Yeah I still have my running nose. But it prices nothing compare to my perseverance toward the Super Show pre-sale and I'm kinda proud with it. I GOT MY SUPER SHOW 3 TICKET LIKE FINALLY. Should I scream? Oh yesh, I am. HAHA!

This is not yet a fan account. It just a journal written by a sick girl on her way to Sungei Wang Mall. Read it if you want or vice versa :)

I woke up pretty early on that day, Saturday March 19th. About 6.30 am and half and an hour later, I've done bathing, preparing myself with a bag with a map. All my medicine was put in small bag, I'm afraid that I can't standing too long and probably will faint. Fever was like hitting to the highest temperature but I need to persevere for the tickets. Yeah, I went there alone as my classmate/kpopmate, Faridah can't afford to skip class on that day. Basically, these was my first visit to Sg Wang Mall. Never been there before, why should I? When you have some better place than this mall? It's pretty dull. Haaaaha. Along the way to KL Sentral, I kept on wondering if there is any ELFs accompany me as I saw a group of blueish girls on the board of KTM. Yeah, probably they were hitting the same thought, when they smiled at me too :) /I was wearing a blue shirt with black cardigan/ Off with monorel and walked to the mall in few minutes.

As soon as reaching the mall around 10.00 am, and followed the maps /I was so dumbfounded I know/ I saw a long queue nearby the stairs. Ohyesh lots of ELFs were there. Its kind of sweet to see ELFs talked to each other, making new friends and stuff like that despite the fact that they are new to each other :) Awww, I feel like making a new family HAHA. The fact that I had expecting myself to get the ticket on 12.30 pm was just unreliable. The queue was damn effin long, I can't imagine it myself. The moment you thought something about this corner will be the end and saw another long alley full with shops was damn disappointing. "WHERE IS THE END OF THIS QUEUE?" I believe that were the most utterly spoken words of the day. And I ended up with backache due to lack of sit /sigh/ Its hurt.

Around 2.30 pm, we were like finally reaching to the western wing of Sg. Wang Mall. I was short of water. And felt something like want to kick every people ass. We were given with flyers of Super Bus project assistant. High high, lol. Give me free merchandise and I'll be okay HAHA! But the RITS officer told us that the cheapest ticket has sold out while there were left like 400 seats for Terrace Block. Omigee~ my desire seat already sold out, but my second choice will be at terrace too. Never mind, I won't moaning because of this seat thing, I'll just enjoy the show. Oh yes I swap my ticket with friend and I think my seat is pretty okayh :)  Holding the ticket totally worth every minute spent on the queue. And I know I'll enjoy it^^ 

Have you listen to Super Junior M new single? Perfection? Oh yesh! Its perfect. I hope they'll perform on SS3 Malaysia's stage soon. Btw, I'm making Heechul's Jjinbbang fan, want to make it too? :3 Here it is HAHA. Okay this entry is long enough, shall write no more. Have a bless day :)

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oh tai wan mei~♥

p/s: It's time to rejuvenate myself, recharge my energy, and renew my "hwaiting!". There's only one place for it, home sweet home. I'm coming back hometown this Saturday :) Btw, I scored the highest in English. And I like it.

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