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Saturday, March 5, 2011
43. Because I Feel Love Love Love @ Saturday, March 05, 2011

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Np: Kissing You - SNSD

Why I feel blissful. Kekeke. My love for YongSeo Goguma Couple is going to explode today. Can't bear to watch We Got Married (WGM) without commentating something about them. Well among the three couple, I watch Jung Yonghwa and Seo Juhyun couple in the most consistent way. Its hard to ignore about this sweet couple. It made you feel two is indeed better than one. Awww. I feel LOVE LOVE LOVE ♥ I rarely skip anything about them. You can say that I always looking for signs in each episode that show me they are advancing, in some way, in their relationship together. Goguma/Sweet Potato Couple is totally different from the rest of other couple; Adam and Khuntoria Couple. Because both Yong and Hyun are still young, this relationship thing is quite new and they have some tendency to hide their feeling from audience. In this case of YongSeo, we have to look at small details. The little gestures, the looks and stares /oh how I love Yong's stares to Hyun/ something they say to each other, it doesn't always jump on you. You've got to dig for it slowly. And I think this is part of their appeal :) We've waited like 27th weeks just to see them holding hands and it just worth the time. I love Yong for his courage to lead Hyun in marriage life, you know this is new for Hyun, she's a naive girl. I love Hyun for balancing Yong's dull life with CNBlue's boys :)

It kind of obvious if it not for real, then for what else did Yong spent his days to made a book of memory for Hyun? Why he always submits to Hyun's wishes whether he likes it or not for instance embarrassing himself by dancing Tell Me Your Wish in front of dongsaeng Lee Jungshin? Unless he likes her very much to this point. Plus the brother in law, Jonghyun, Jungshin and Minhyuk are damn supportive lol. If they aren't real, they won't making extra effort in making her feel comfortable around them. So do SNSD's sister when it comes to Yonghwa. It is really sweet to know that Love Light is written upon Yong remembrance his wife Hyun <3 can I say aww again, please? AWWWW THIS IS DAMN SWEET! XDD

"When I look at you, my face blushes. 
 When I look at you, my heart goes thump thump.
 Like a little kid, I talk with shyness.

 You are the President of my heart,
 You are my heart, embroidered with the stars,
 I'm Genie for you girl. You make me stop my breath,
 What ever you want, because I love you,
 There's no reason for my love, you know.

 You're my darling 
 You're more beautiful than the star above the nightsky
 The shining thing deep inside my heart
 It's my own love light."
This is so mushy Yonghwa seobang. Kkkk. I made this hilarious show sounds so fuckgly huh? Too serious LMAO. Oh yeah, I went for alone window shopping activity at mall yesterday. And I found this star pillow and ended up buying this for Kyuhyun. Seriously, I want to throw something to him at Super Show 3 soon. Kekeke. Throw myself? /good idea/ HAHA. Maybe I should made this Cho Byeol more special, some added embroider, shall we start our sewing classes? Oh god. Hey it made me smiling ear to ear as if I'd buy this thing for my lovely future boyfriend. HAHA. Jkjkjk. 

Have a guess XDDD

Anyway my sketch book ended up to be like a haunted mansion. I found some good picture for you to see but seems can't find the best for Kyuhyun. Btw, I read somewhere about some easy concert guideline for the first-timer fan like me /index finger pointing at herself/ Enjoy reading :)

1) Ticket should be with you.
2) Make sure the accurate direction to Putra Stadium in Bukit Jalil.
3) If you go there via public transport, double check the schedule so that you won't get confused.
4) Bring raincoat or umbrella if you decided to come early to the stadium.
5) You can bring small flashlight for concert props.
6) Don't bring too many extra money or else you'll ended up spending them all.
7) Get some food and drink before concert.
8) Scout for the closest restroom from your seats.

And the rest will be inside this link. HAHA

p/s: This post is damn long ._.

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