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Sunday, March 13, 2011
44. Something Banmal? @ Sunday, March 13, 2011

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Basically I'm not in the mood of writing. Due some weird reason, I went through bad experience of vomiting after eating something something too much. Wow, my pass days were full with health problem HAHA. Nevertheless, I'm starting my countdown for Super Show 3 Malaysia now :) Yaaaaay. Definitely one of the biggest event of the year. Tshirt is okay, blue light-stick will be collected on the day of concert. Map is ready. What else? I don't think I can remember all the lyrics though. Fan-chant? Will try my best. Keke. So I wrote something about YongSeo on the last entry. And to add the failure of the week, the producer of the show announced that the couple will leaving We Got Married, maybe next month. What can I say? Sighs. May your love will always remain the same Jung Yonghwa and Seo Juhyun. I hope you'll end up to be the real couple ♥ Goguma Fighting!

Kyuhyun tweet something precious yesterday HAHA. 

@GaemGyu: 정신을 차리고보니 난스브스 드라마를 4개나 보고있었다..... 아빠테나싸인스목상...... 다보면 당분간 드라마는 보시 앦는다고 한신한다

@GaemGyu: I came to the realization that I've been watching 4 SBS drama in a row..... Appatenasainsmokjang*..... When I'm done watching I'm sure I'm not going to watch any drama for some time.

*Appatenasainsmokjang is a word he invented by putting in a sequence a word from the title of each drama he's been watching.

1. It's Okay Daddy's Daughter (Donghae's)
2. Athena (Siwon's)
3. Signs (Popular medical drama)
4. Paradise Ranch (CHANGMIN'S!!!) 

Lmao. He's cute isn't it? ChangKyu alert! Apparently it seems that Kyuhyun is too free. He should watch Secret Garden too as I myself watching the drama again. But hey, I guess he already watch it :P Pfft.

Kyunbin <3

p/s: I got some tendency of skipping class pass few week. Aigoo. Because I hate the subject. Should slap myself later. This is not good for health. Education's health.



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