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Thursday, March 17, 2011
45. Fugitive Plan SJ @ Thursday, March 17, 2011

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I'm writing this entry while searching for subject information in libraryㅋ  

Well, boring and ended up to write this to be honest. I just read my cbox.chat and found out there is an admin from songsongcouple.tumblr.com, a fan-dom tumblr passing by this blog /I guess she is/ It was a surprise visit or maybe an honor drop from the sky? Hehe, well, one of my childish craps about SongSong Couple was been posted to the site! Lol /flail on the floor/ this is so cute HAHA. Yeah, I love SongSong Couple and YongSeo Couple. /Is this a couple blog?/ Lol. My honor to be posted here XDDD To stand between the beautiful Song Jihyo unnie and the handsome Song Joongki oppa :3 lol. Cut the craps. 

I'm thinking of welcoming Super Junior oppa at KLIA tomorrow afternoon, somewhere around 4.30 pm. My Friday schedule is quite loose so I guess this is the only reason for me to pay my visit to KLIA. Why should I be there everyday anyway. So its a backpacker vacation hmmmpp. /I'm still looking forward with this ambition/ HAHA. By the way this is a secret plan. Ssshhh! XDDD I'm not very sure about the KLIA map so I might end up running into anybody who wears Blue shirt tomorrow. AJA lol. Tonight I'll meet another 2 ELFs classmates that will attend SS3 too. Perhaps we need some conclusion on what to do after the show. Lingering around the stadium for hours or what? This is total epic, an adventureㅋ 

HAHA too much

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