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Wednesday, March 23, 2011
46. Super Show 3 Malaysia Fan Account @ Wednesday, March 23, 2011

8 note (s)

This going to be a damn long post. Please bear with it <3

March 18th 2011 - PRIOR TO THE CONCERT:

This was actually something to do with previous entry---- my wish to welcome SJ to Malaysia at KLIA. So it was actually granted though I might say that I can't even saw a glance of  SJ appearance at the airport. I traveled to KLIA via train and reached there around 2.00 PM. It was like a surprise visit as I had no idea on what to do next. I checked for the nearest information board and found the arrival hall's direction. There was no sign of other ELFs, so I just wandered there alone alongside with the other people who were waiting for their guest at the arrival hall. The flight information stated that there will be a plane from Incheon that will landed here round 2.51 PM. But I don't see anything with SJ flight at 4.50 PM. Still I decided to queue around the line and randomly heard a group of girls practiced "OPPA NEOMU YEOPPOYO". Definitely a group of ELFs lol. I met two of the ELFs and had a simple chit chat about SJ. One girl is Donghae's bias (she kept on wavered the OnlyHae's towel) while another one is Heechul bias. A group of girl arrived behind us and they brought a big board written SUPER JUNIOR lol. That was funny yet very admiring. Soon before the 2.51 PM flight from Incheon arrived, a group of Korean guys from Prudential Company came (they waited for a group of guest from South Korean for some conference maybe) and flooded in front of us. What make it more funnier is that some of them did recognized the SJ board and took a picture of us LMAO. 


At 4.00 PM, the crowd had become much larger in size. I saw lot of girls wearing blue shirt and holding a board. We waited patiently while kept on updated ourself with Twitter. I can say that ELF were very excited to see SJ as they screamed hard with some small teases. I mean, its Incheon flight and expect more Korean people to pass in front of us, ELFs can't help but to scream at them lol. We waited them but soon when the clock hit  5.00 PM, there was still no sign of SJ. ELFs shouted "Saranghaeyo Super Junior" along the time. It was amazing. I do hope that SJ oppa heard this chanting, we really love them :') There's update from Twitter saying that Leeteuk oppa was the first to go out from flight yet we can't see any glance of them at KLIA. So some of ELFs ran to the other arrival hall (they managed to catch a few pictures of Donghae's waving them) while I was having some problem with camera /psstt short of battery lol/ From what they've told us, there were 5 or 6 white van waited for SJ outside of KLIA and basically there were more or less very few ELFs at that area /we are so dumbfounded I know/ Do watch the Youtube video about this thing. HAHA. So, I went home with pretty little pissed off /ohyesitwaslikewth/ but overall it was an awesome experience as a fangirl <3 IDK if all of you had some experience on this, but this was my first and I'm so excited about it^^

March 19th 2011 - PRIOR TO THE CONCERT:

I made a list on what to bring on the concert. Yeah like what happened on movie, the actress forgot lots of thing and that's what happened on me. HAHA. But it was awesome morning, I listened to Happiness and can't believe myself that I was on my way to meet them, the singer of Happiness song. Super Junior. My 3 ELFs' friends and I took our train and headed to another station where it will bring us to Bukit Jalil Stadium. Along the way, I tried to remember the half part of Yesung's It Has To Be You lyrics. Oh yeah I remembered it finally :) The train was like instant and we were heading to Bukit Jalil Putra Indoor Stadium around 10 AM. When we arrived, I expected to see some tents /maybe a camp?/ of ELFs but what I saw was a 20 meters queue in front of Rock Pitt section. In the morning, where the stadium will only be open at 4.00 PM? Great. The ELFs who bought Rockpit want to have a better view on the show. As for me who bought the terrace seat, I had no problem to find my place. There were like fiesta where people were selling and buying stuff for the concert. There were A&W stall, Walls Ice-Cream stall lol and the official booth for SS3 Merchandise. I bought myself a Kyuhyun button, SuJu's bag and a tag. After that, I met the light-stick distributor for whom I had ordered on Facebook before this. The largest SJ's fanclub in Malaysia, MySJ also distributed free hand-banner and frank to say, my hand was full with lots of hand-banner, fan-chant lyrics, Ryeowook, Yesung and Donghae's cards and SJ's calendar. HAHA free gifts always made me happy lol. 

Around 2 PM, I started to queue and fortunately managed to get the first row lol /damn excited girl/.  There were two 15 years old girls and one Indonesian ELFs behind me so we had a two hours chat about Kpop stuff and ended up changing each other Facebook account. It was raining at that moment and in the pressuring hours of waiting for the gate open, there were so many chaos happened. Some of them said that they saw Donghae oppa passed by in front of the stadium entrance. I have no idea about that though as I sat in front of the gate and I saw nothing =.= Around 4 PM finally the security opened the gate and I was all excited. To be honest, the security didn't even open my bag to check whether I brought something suspicious or what. I even asked them is it okay to bring umbrella inside the stadium and they have no problem with that. HAHA.


We started to fill up the stadium around 4.30 PM. You know what, the moment I entered the indoor stadium, I was like /starstruck/ The large LED screen displayed "SUPER SHOW 3 KUALA LUMPUR" and believe me the moment you saw that, you feel something to cry about. It was like finally I will meet SJ. Like finally. After being a devoted ELFs for years ago. The view was awesome, the stage feel like super near to us. I jumped like a child HAHA /too excited/ and eyes was starts to feel with tears. The organizer played few SJ's songs and ELFs started to sing along, most prominently on Neorago (It's You) Its remind me of Hangeng though. Sobs. Two DJ's entered and asked us to sing Sorry Sorry and they danced with the tune. Lol. Can't help but to feel that the pressure already high.


I won't write this in great details as I think you'll be dying of boredom about the song listed on SS3. I'll just write the thing that I found interesting along the showㅋㅋ Well, the moment light went off the stage, ELFs went wild and started to scream hard. The opening VCR played, I think the VCR singer was Yesung oppa. And the song definitely high me up but I was all captivated by Sapphire Blue Sea. I can't believe that I'm part of them, waving the light-stick :') The VCR end and THERE HE IS. FLYING UP. DESCENDED FROM THE SKY. LEE DONGHAE. Starstruck for sure. I saw him in SJ's Full House and now he flied in front of me. Okayh the comparison is funny. HAHA. It was precious moment definitely. I think my Hae biased friend already sobbing beside me. Soon after that, 10 of them appeared beautifully, it was like a group of dolls without soul. White outfit. I saw Kyuhyun. Ohgosh. Flail. 


The introduction was so funny. I can't remember all but Kyuhyun, Heechul, Eunhyuk, Shindong, Donghae, Leeteuk, Sungmin, Siwon /almost all lol/ do catch some funny moment. Pharaoh Kyu was shaking his head along the intro and Siwon flapping his red skirt lmao. Heechul came and ordered us to answer his Wu Yo Pi Gar Kim Heechul with "Saranghaeyo Kim Heechul". And "kiss me baby" for sure lol. Shindong keeps on shouting Malaysia in Mandarin and ended up with "Miss A Jia" HAHAH. Sungmin said "I Love You" /aww/ haha and Eunhyuk revived us to follow him "SAY YEAAH SAY YEAHH SAY YEAAAH" and ended up whispering  mushy thing "SAY CHEEEH" lol. Donghae only shouted "WAAHHH" for three times /that is so---/ Anyway Teukie oppa did something more weird. He acted like a rich Arabian businessman with his weird laugh and threw 2 bottles to ELFs at Rockpit. ROFL. 


Frank to say, Siwon was the most member coming to my block /sigh/ Its not like I'm ignoring him but I want Kyuhyun LOL /honesty is the best policy/. I saw Kyuhyun jumped and danced at L17 and L18, and I was like "God please bring him here" He did came to our block but just passed by. Urrgghhh :( Leeteuk was the second after Siwon, he taught us how to dance on Song For You. It was so cute :3 ♫ Saranghaeyo (Love sign), Chukbokhaeyo (hug sign), Dangshinui maeume (Point to the audience), Sarangeul duhreulyeol (Love sign)♪ Aww. I was so touch /almost crying/ each time he pointed to us. You can feel that he really appreciated his ELFs. Leeteuk oppa is the best leader <3 Donghae came at third. He is so photogenic lmao. Flashing of camera made him so damn gorgeous. He loves selca. He did it few times with the VIP ELFs. Sexy fishy. With red dyed hair, he do looks like a playboy though.  HAHA. Hae's fan-service was the awesome one! 


Among the solo performance, I absolutely think that Yesung was one of the best and the most unforgettable. Not because all my hard-work on remembering his song lyrics already paid off, but it was more into the satisfaction showed on his face. The whole stadium was together chanting It Has To Be You. When Yesung reached the chorus of the song, ELFs beneath the stage all sang it with him at the top of their voice. He looked extremely touched :') Aww oppa. And oh yeah he smiled a lot, like an angel. A LOT. During that solo performance. I'm really happy that Malaysian ELFs touched his heart. /Ohyes he sent a tweet about SS3Malaysia soon after reached Korea right?/ Keke. Another solo performance that managed to capture my attention was Leeteuk's Kiss Goodbye. The song originally sang by Wang Leehom, and its like ages since the last time I heard that song. He sang it with the exact pronunciation and I bet the song was well dedicated to ELFs. He's going to army next year right? :'( Hey, he smiled to ELFs at the end of the song, and yeah I saw his famous dimple lol! Henry's BABY! Come on, I bet all girls watching his performance will be melting. He's growing up! Mochi Henry. Definitely loving his rendition a lot better than Justin Bieber heheh. I'm not that excited on EunHae and Ming's solo performances /I closed my eyes ohyesh lol/ oh god that were so sexy intimate dance. ELFs were screamed in protest. LMAO. Hyuk's English pronunciation in Down was so adorable. "Even if the sky is FARLING down" lol. 

Kyuhyun is ♥ when he sang New Endless Love. But seriously I did recognized something about him. He is so mean. He just ignored my shout lmao XDDD He passed by us and his face was freaking no feeling. He sang in front of hundred screaming ELFs at Rockpit but he looked damn peaceful. Lol. He was so slow during the few first songs but very energetic on the last few songs. I wonder why. But he will always be my EvilKyu /mushy/ HAHAH. I did some video record on Ryeowook solo performance. Because his voice is so beautiful so I was blankly stare at him till the end *o* And yeah Sungmin's guitar was so adorable :) There was no Lady HeeHee, as it was overly rated in Malaysia. I know Heenim want to chill with Malaysian ELFs /as what he posted on Twitter/ but apparently it was best for him as he might ended with a hit on head with a plastic bottle if he ever wear that Lady HeeHee outfit. Lol. I'm the one that will throw him the bottle. He's too handsome for that Lady HeeHee =.= Zhoumi's Miss Chic was pretty awkward as the song was originally sang by a female Taiwan artist but I love it very much! He's so tall that you will expect that his dance won't be very good but he is actually performed it well <3 Kangin's tribute was heart-warming that causing you to cry.  Tears was brimming, I couldn't help but to reminiscent some good memory with Kangin and Hangeng. Yes I do miss them as 13. Forever 13.


During No Other, Leeteuk and Sungmin  also became a flying angels. Both of them tied onto the balloons and sprinkled some blue paper in the air, and Teuk imitated an octopus. Lol. I tried to catch the blue paper and managed to get one. AHHH, indirect holding hand with Teukie oppa rofl. Rokkugo was funny. Ming, Hyuk and Teuk were laying on the stage in front us. Soon after that, Shindong came and piled on top of them. Chullae was standing next, I had some bad feeling and oh yes he joined the piled on the top lmao XDDD Hae's wore the angel scarf threw by ELFs and asked them whether it looks okay on him or not. He took some gift, t-shirt and towel from fans and oh yeah during Song For You, Ming got a box of SJ's doll and he was giggling like a girl ohmygosh he was so cute! They distributed the basket of colorful ball around the stadium. Kyuhyun was the closest at that moment. He ran straight to my block and I was like Oh My God he's coming but he as always /sigh/.. went to L3. He took time to sign the ball. How lucky who ever get the ball. Eunhyuk on the other hand kissed each ball before threw it to ELFs. I'm dying to get that ball lol. Indirect kiss??  Shindong seemed want to throw the ball at my direction but the ball ended up flying only 5 meters in front of him. OTL I think Shindong was too lazy to throw the ball one by one, so he decided to pour the whole ball inside the basket to the Rockpit nearby. HAHA. Donghae and Ming found a stick threw by ELFs and started to do some baseball action on the middle of stage. Lol. Adorable.

Cooking Cooking as always was the most fun among the rest. The boys were less tense and they were really enjoyed the stage at that moment. I saw Yesung with his Cabbage costume clearly as he was stand in front of our block. Definitely searching for PapriKyu, I saw him at the corner of L18 with Mushroom Hyuk. Hyuk was rolling on the floor and couldn't get up after that and Kyu tried to help him up. After some few tries, he was a bit fed up and threw Hyuk's hand and began to kick him. ROFL, my evil Kyu! This is too much, but soon when they headed to the center of the stage, he held Hyuk's hand and walked together <3 KyuHyuk alert! There's lack of Heenim in this round. He was not there wearing his ChillHEE. I was a bit disappointed but soon after ELFs shouted his name, he appeared and giggled innocently. I wonder what's in his mind actually. HAHA. Nearing to the end of the show, Teukie Teukie ran along each block and did Saranghae sign and bow while shouting Kamsahamnida. Aww he really touch my heart. I know deep inside his heart, he really loves us, his ELFs :')


Heenim was not around during the train session /I mean SJ went around the stage like a train to thank the ELFs/ When he appeared with his face mask and hellyeah he was weird AB guy. He danced to Perfection song, "Oh Tai Wan Mei!" all of sudden lmao XDDD "Thank you I love you so much. Don't worry I don't sick." (?) And suddenly pointed at Siwon and Sungmin, "This is Horse and this is Pumpkin". He also said, "See you in SS4 Malaysia next year." Believe you Hee oppa, I'll keep this as a promise! Everyone was really hyped and talked in random English. Ryeowook said I love you shyly, HAHA. Zhoumi was all smiling through the end and asked us "Are you happy?" causing all ELFs to scream at him. He answered back "I'm happy too^^" /lol emoticon/ Henry was playing with windmill when Teukie asked him to give his ending speech. He thanked everyone here in Malaysia and added some compliment by saying that he enjoys reading tweets on Twitter and 70% of the tweets he received were mostly from Malaysia. Lol. I sent him one or two. Aww, will send more to him later XDD Hae went and said "I will see you on Twitter tonight". Rofl a group of Twitter addicts. Btw, Hae didn't tweet that night. =.="

Yesung also spoke in English though it was just a part of simple sentence, I bet all Cloudy felt very happy. He said "Kiss me darling" lmao I was laughing hard at this moment. He was so cheesy and Hyuk was disturbing him by touching his philtrum. He felt pissed and slapped Hyuk lol. When Kyuhyun gave his ending speech, Yesung touched his philtrum, I wonder if his habit had spreaded to the whole dorm of SJ? HAHA. Oh yes, Kyuhyun spoke amazing English that night. "Lately I have had the strangest feeling, with no vivid reason here to find... the thought of losing you has been hanging..." Aww you won't losing me Kyu lol. Soon I found out that the line was actually taken from Stevie Wonder's song, Lately. Oh lol-ing at Kyu. Evil. Donghae kept on recite or sing (?) the Bruno Mars' Just The Way You Are. "When I see your face, there's not a thing that I would change" He's cute isn't it? :D 

While everyone was leaving the stage, Hyuk was asking Yesung in English, "Are you ready?" before four of the boys, Hyuk, Yesung, Hae and Henry stood one another and stuck out their thumbs, showing a GOOD signs to the whole stadium. All of us followed the same thing by showing a good sign to them. Hae oppa was still singing "When I see your face" few times when he left the stage /he was acting romantic that night lol/ and Yesung was really smiley and kept on waving

Its end. The 3 hours show finally ends. And I want more.


We spent our night at the nearby room around the stadium. It was not that late and we definitely can reach at college on that time but it seems that four of us were like still dreaming and having a major hangover of SS3. So we decided to stay back for awhile. I can't say that I was really sleep that night. Reading those tweet saying that SJ went back to Incheon on 12.05 AM flight was so heartbroken. But at least they're went back with a happy and bright smile :) Had a short nap and woke up at 2 AM, I went for a chit-chat with another ELFs till 4 AM. Its a damn hangover. I woke up at 6 AM and having a walk around the stadium alone. It was awesome. To think that the moment this place was fully crowded with ELFs and now there was only me. And SJ's sweet memory. Definitely will pay a visit to  this place again (:  

Super Junior. They're close, nearby the stage but seems so far /cause I can't touch them/. They're now far in South Korea but they're close to my heart as always. 

All pictures are under copyrighted. Take with full credit. Thank you :)
Will post other picture later keke.
p/s: 4 days passed by and I was still can't believe that I met SJ. Hangover. 

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