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Wednesday, March 30, 2011
47. Love Letter For Cho Kyuhyun @ Wednesday, March 30, 2011

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Random thing. I just want to write something here. :)

Write a letter to the person you like.

Disclaimer: This going to be a mushy, oily, cheesy or whatever you called it-entry. Read it on your own risk XDDD

Dear person.

Its obvious right? You know who you are. My days and nights are spend by thinking of you. I don't even bother to know about other Korean guys more than you. Its amazing that I don't even give a fucking care about the real namja around me, coughcoursematescough. I only have my eyes on you. Its not like you're the most handsome guy on earth that I can't compare with anyone out there. No. You're not even the most handsome member in SJ /I think its Donghae--sighs/ It was old but still in my memory when the first time I saw you. Its was U /ignored you/ But stalking shyly at Marry You. Read about your car accident but pretend nothing happened. Saw you at Sorry Sorry and yeah. That's the beginning :) /facepalm lmao/ But seriously, I don't even know what had happened on me. For sure, I'm mature enough to think that you're just my high dream, a Korean crush, sooner or later, it will fade away. 

Its weird but when I saw you in Super Show 3 last week ago, there's part of me believe that nothing is impossible. You're a real deal in world. I saw the real you ran and played in front of me when others watch you on MV. The chance of waiting for SJ at KLIA totally changed my perception on you. No specific reason but I really want to see the real you. Without make-up, no fancy outfit, messy hair and moody. I want to see the real you. Just you. I'm stalking you on internet like no one care. I pasted your hand-banner in front of my desk hoping that you'll see it sooner of later. Showing my loyalties with your cute button on bag /childish/ When classmates called me Mrs Cho, I feel so happy /rofl/  

What make you appear in my eyes? What always keep you appear? If I lie down and close my eyes, why is your face reminded here /okayh this is copied from Secret Garden's OST Appear lol/ 

Recently I keep on comparing you with my first crush. He was once a quiet guy. I don't know this is too intimate. But I see him when I see you. I see you in my world, Cho Kyuhyun.

p/s: I should write this letter in Hangul ;_______; BTW, this is fan-girl mode. HAHAH.

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