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Sunday, April 3, 2011
48. Forever Gorgeous @ Sunday, April 03, 2011

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Hot Sunday afternoon (:

Hi. I'm here to write some updates about me. HAHA. Fail blogger. Well, apparently I can't sort out whether I am really busy at the moment or not. There are moment of compiling thousand of works, but there'll be a second of doing some craps. To be honest there are uncountable time where I spent carelessly on lappy by doing nothing. 

* I can't wait for study week. Its like the only reason to chill at home instead of doing the last minutes study. There's some thought that my name will be in the list to attend extra classes /I'm such a fail student in this semester/ and stuff like that, but my intention of going back hometown is bigger than that. My English paper is the biggest fear at the moment. Madam always looks forward for my works and I guess she expects something from me. When the fact is, I didn't do anything to please her at all. AT ALL. /capslock/

* Apparently, I just got hitch with Tumblr. No I mean I started to learn it well. I have this account since stone age but having some sort of difficulties of understanding the Tumblr engrish :P Well, guess everyone have the same reason about their Tumblr account existence. The picture, image and stuff are so well captured and edited :) And I played a lot with Photoshop this week. /Index finger pointing to picture below/

* I had some plan on visiting KLIA again last Saturday. No specific reason. I just missing the place. But due to the lack of sleep past few days, I was so tired and thus will postponed this activity to the other time. Somehow I heard that next week there'll be Eunhyuk's birthday gathering at somewhere somewhere around here. /Iamsobusybodylmao/ Will check for the venue later <3

*And ohyesh tomorrow is our Asian very own Anchovy LeeHyukJae's birthday yaaaaaay. Dear Eunhyuk oppa, if there's no Kyuhyun in SJ, I bet you'll be my ultimate bias. Bet you'll received thii--------iiis lots of love from me (: /but there's Kyu, I see only Kyu/ hehe. Wish you all the best oppa. Out of SJ members, you're the most friendly. You might not the be coolest one but you're the warmest, at heart (: You will married first, yeah after Shindong lmao. I'm wishing you to meet a good Korean girl that will take care of you, as you had no intention of marrying foreign girl T________T And please follow @0101xiahtic on Twitter, you dummy. I'm still waiting for you to tweet harsh cute words to DolphinXiah. Aeng~ XDDD Lots of love from me, saranghae Lee Hyukjae. My monkey, my only anchovy.  

* Well, it raining just now. Life is unpredictable indeed. 2 weeks after SS3, I still watching the fan-cam and engrossed with the concert. Missing them. I found this picture when TeukieTeukie shows the "Saranghae" sign to our block L1. I think I can even see myself in the picture lmao. Teukie oppa, I love you too. /sobs/

 p/s: I keep changing the head banner. Hihihi.

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