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Sunday, April 10, 2011
49. My Nonsense Worrying @ Sunday, April 10, 2011

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 I'm in mood of stalking.

This is basically what happened when there's course-mate presentation in front of me. I don't care about the thing (=__________=) I just care myself. I was boring to death and ended up sketching something something. I don't even know why, but the sketch just reminds me to my past years. My high-school mates. My 2003-2007 batch. I miss you guys like crazy. But I didn't show it right? Not on Facebook for sure.  Somehow we seem to be act like an outsider to one another. /sigh/ Full stop. My mistake. I'm too stiff. 

Aegi Kyuhyun sent a tweet "미안합니다.. 미안해요" [trans: I'm sorry.. I'm sorry] on April 8th gathered all ELFs with thousand of questions. Lack of tweet and out of blue asking for forgiveness? And it was answered the same day. He was involved in small car accident. My bad. Luckily he just had a small bruises at his legs and hand. He might feel depressed with the accident and yeah, I think he is kinda facing some bad trauma on April. Last 4 years ago, on April 19th he was badly injured and hellyeah, the date is gonna haunting him again.

You don't have to feel sorry at all. Thanks god for another chance given. Please stay healthy. 

Parents' birthday somehow are getting nearer. Its on April 10th /tomorrow/ and 18th. Don't think I have that time to go back hometown for each occasion. I'm freaking wanna cry right now o__________o

p/s: there's one person name that I wrote more than one in the sketch ---- 조규현ㅋㅋㅋ
and please ignore that "macam biawak" wordsㅋ

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