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Saturday, April 16, 2011
50. Because I Just Made My First GIF @ Saturday, April 16, 2011

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Finally, my GIFs are working properly ~<3 This is so epic moment. I came to rationalistic to hit the "Save For Web and Devices" button on Photoshop like no one ever realize before. Never realize. It was my stupid mistake. No wonder my GIF never works out before this =___________= AH AH Drums-roll please~ XDDD 

I made this like months ago but its not working on web, but sad no more now ^________________^ /childish HAHAMUAAHUGS

YongSeo moment ♥ I still remember that night I was blushing so hard after watching this. At least Seohyun is dare enough to hold Yonghwa's hand. Do you? ;D AHAHAH 

why this GIF below is so big in size and pixel  =__________= /small click small/ ㅋ
I think SongSong Couple's have lots of skinships but it happened on the task, so basically people don't really noticed them. Its a secret <3 

Gonna end this with SS3 Malaysia stuffs. Yeah I know hellyeah hangover its a month already oh God. 

1) Kyu greets and shakes hand with ELFs 

2) ELFs pull him toward them

3) Malaysian ELFs molest Kyu's body ohyeah =______= /jealous lmao/

For your information, these are stiff pictures. Hehe.

p/s: hometown is love so, I'm coming ♥

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