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Wednesday, April 27, 2011
51. Break Out The Hardest Shell @ Wednesday, April 27, 2011

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It's 7.33 AM and heavy rains here at hometown. The feeling of having a bucket full of water in the morning reminds me of school days. Raining and I'll be the one who was the most laziest to go to school. Hehe. How I miss the feeling of wearing school uniform /craps but I mean it like crazeeh. How many years did I left the school days? 4 years. Seasons are changing and waves are crashing but I'm still here, stand up like nobody care.

What will I be years from now?
What will I wear? How will I look?
I think too much, I think too much.

Sometimes its scary over thinking
What you have or haven't done
You think too much, you think too much.

Will the rain smell the same?
Will I lose in treacherous games?
And the stars might shine but colors seem so blurry.
Will I end up all alone, without a shoulder to cry on

What will I be years from now

Oh well, life was not that good few days back. I was screwed to the maximum when somebody somebody urrggh.. don't treat me very well. As I don't treat them that well too orz. My final exam will be started next week and I'll just let it flow smoothly as much as I can, fighting (: Can't wait to finish this hellish semester. Not that I'm excited with my coming driving lesson along the holiday though /I don't want/ I'm just hating this semester to the bottom of my heart.

Talking about semester end, there'll be something to be look forward on the next new semester. We need to form a group of company with a small investment in whatever business that we want. My partner and I, hellyeah are Kpop addict so we decided to invest some money on Kpopshop. I'm not sure if its going on plan or not but hopefully it will :] I've contacted few distributor from somewhere somewhere and up to this point, everything seems on the plan. It just a semester assignment so I won't take it too serious. But but my dearest fellow readers, do support me on this matter, I might need your big help keke. /dancing/ Maybe a LIKE on Facebook will do a favor! Hahahaaaaaahhhh crazy bug.

I'm currently in the mood of considering to change the blog-skin after quite sometimes. Maybe soon after the end of final exam. Hella awesome, but I've using this skin for a year! And yeah it almost closer to the first anniversary of this blog XDDDD A year with "productive" entries, oh my cry me to heaven /fail/ In the mean time please be prepared to see something like "BLOG IS UNDER RE-CONSTRUCTION" keke. For the win <3

One of the awesome thing that come to pass on this semester should be crown to Super Show 3 Kuala Lumpur. Call me crazy or delusional fan girl but I /still/ can't believe that I met SJ <3 much love for making my heart beat jumps crazily every time we talk about SS3 hahaha. I haven't post any Sapphire Blue ocean view for that night right? All my photo were suck to be honest, but here is one of the picture out of the place that catch my heart. Malaysian very own Sapphire Blue ocean :] /proud mother mode XDDD

Ay ay let spazz about Kpop stuff for a moment. There are few fans-meeting to come in few months gap. UKISSeu, 2AM, Jang Geunsuk /hwaaangtaekyungseobang/ and not that sure Big Bang is back to town yo /sighss/ how can I? Tell me tell me. I'm earning money earnestly for JYJ concert and Super Show 4 /too early? lmao/ but seems that there is no hope left for JYJ so I'm thinking of ../a second please! There's rumor saying that SHINee's coming to town this August too. I may not a ShaWol but I'm a big big supporter of Kyu-Line /heck just write that you want to meet Minho/ ohhaythereminhoappa (/=v=)/ lol

What a long entry that took much longer time to type. Gonna end this with a photo. Was taken while waiting for SJ at KLIA. This memorable yellow sandal is forever precious. Lmao. /hitthesack/ Happy 6th Anniversary Tohoshinki. 6 years forever love on and on ♥ Byebye <3

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