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Monday, May 2, 2011
52. Call Out My Heart and Free My Soul @ Monday, May 02, 2011

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Ohay, I'm writing this in a rush because I need to do my extra revision now XDDD Well just came back from cousin's wedding and I'm as usual was in the state where uncomfortable conquered the whole situation. Never mind though. I'll persevere :] 

Gonna post something that I played randomly few days or months back. Hehe I know this is childish, but who cares. This is my blog anyway. Ahem. I was born on December 16th, currently wearing blue shirt on 1.13AM --so its 3. That's mean, I held hands with Kyuhyun in front of my parents & he was like embarrassed. I HELD HANDS WITH KYUHYUN IN FRONT OF MY PARENTS AND HE WAS LIKE OMGEE EMBARRASSED..?! OMGWTF as a fangirl, I should die  happily now. Lmao. I held hands with Kyu---♪ /dancing/ its a fate. Naaaah, its not me the one who made this photo. I took it from tumblr :P Thanks mum for delivered me on December 16th lol. Oh yeah so funneh. Hmmffp.

I just found out that Teukie oppa looks so sexy by hitting his chest, looking down before attacking us by eyes straight to our heart on No Other MV. "GASEUMI SORICHYEO MARHAE" lol. /craps/ I knew it. =___________= Ah yeah, not to late to mention, SJ-M is going here again. How can I. SPAAZZZZZZZZ MODE IS ON. I am going. I will be there. I want to see Kyuhyun again. I will shout Saranghae more to him. I will pay more attention on him. I will remember the Mandarin lyrics and sing Mandarin with him. I will stand for him. I will lost my voice again. But I will show my love more to him. So please come to Malaysia for real

They'll be here with the conjunction of Malaysia Youth Day 2011 at Putrajaya this May 28th. Hella weird. Youth Day, Malaysia and SuJu are just o______O Never mind, as long as I'm happy, I won't bother about that. And and btw, I will not write any post or comment about how Kpop brings negative effect on Malaysian teenagers according to Berita Harian on May 24th issue. It just worthless to spazz. You guys know the truth and me won't elaborate it more.

Going back to college so I'm sad. Truly, the one who always lazy. 

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