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Tuesday, May 17, 2011
54. To Be Free, To Be Free @ Tuesday, May 17, 2011

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When you have nothing to say, say nothing. When you have lots of thing to say, say it everything.  

3 days lingering around the house and done nothing. That's me. Hi I've posted my latest entry last May 12th but due to some freaking annoying things happened on Blogger, the precious #53 entry was deleted. Nevertheless, here I am again, not typing the same word but posting the same old pictures (?) Can you smell some crappiness surrounding the entry /sniff/ Naah digging the template section never makes life-less senses till the point that you think that you're too lazy to change the html part. So I'm gonna stick to this blogskin to.... the end? 

Well, life without lecture and tutorial is always awesome unless you're in love with your lecturer /crap/ And I'm tying to appreciate all this moment in house with something good for example tweeting for the whole days orz, reading Kpop news on forum etc etc. Jeehan going to Matrikulasi Johor next Monday so I spend precious days with her by watching Running Man together. How sweet is that? Korean thing do matter in family relationship I told ya. And today is younger brother's sweet 15th birthday and he's at boarding school. By any chance, he might be showered /for real/ with shampoo, eggs past midnight? Lol. Having a plan to do some laundries tomorrow /jotting diary/ I might also send back the reply email from one Kpopshop about our semester project. I've delayed it too many days. 화이팅 for that! :-) Dad suggestion: taking a driving course with mum /sighs/ you've driving me nuts you know. I never drive a car before /exception goes to Need for Speed Underground 2/ OMG I'm so scare ;~~~;

Is there a need to display what we want to thank to the public? Aww I guess there is the need. Nevertheless, I may not saying/posting this to your FB wall but you know what I think don't you? No you don't, that's why I'm a bad student. On the positive side, I don't have to brag anything in front of others. As simple as that.
For what I've got today, "thank you" is never enough. Happy Teacher's Day :")
Past few weeks ago, I've spazzed on Twitter about how my female cat /which whom I called "mummy" in front of her child/ delivered a four cute kitten. And the kittens are innocently really active days and nights. Ah yes they spend quite a quality time with trolling around the house, sleeping, and /drinking/ milk from mummy lmao. Dad decided to named all four of them with some weird name which I don't like. And honestly I want all of them to be named after the infamous Jiji, Heebum, Kkoming and Tigger. Btw, they bite. =_______= 

And this is Yesung's oppa Kkoming which I found out almost looks like my pet. Though she is actually a puppy. Heehhee. Mine is cuter though XDDD

[20110517] Yesung tweet: 오랜만에 만난 우리꼬밍이~ 오빠온졸도모르고 잠만자구있구나아~~^^ㅎㅎ
Translation: Our Kkoming that I didn't see for a long time~ Doesn't know oppa came and only sleeps all the time~~^^ haha,
*Kkoming is Yesung little dog, she's Black Pomeranian. Kkoming is a girl, so Yesung mention Kkoming called him by "oppa". (cr: @Yesungworld)

Cute what else to be expressed? The pet and the owner /pointing at herself/ lmao. Bye for now. ♥

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