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Sunday, May 22, 2011
55. Tag: Super Junior Super Survey @ Sunday, May 22, 2011

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I'm starting to feel the month of May, I mean it is semester break yow! 8DDDD Will answer the tag that I got from fellow ELF on Facebook :] I left it like ages ago.

**RULES: This is a pure SUPER JUNIOR ONLY survey. Once you have tagged, replace all the previous answers with your answers. Repost as SUPER JUNIOR SUPER SURVEY and tagged all ELFs in your friend lists.


Yes or no: I memorized all members' name:
| YES. OF COURSE. XDDD But if I listed all of them randomly one by one, there's tendency that I will forget who is number 15. Exactly the truth. And I failed in Perfection fanchant during the part where ELFs need to shout all of the SJ-M member names because I confused. Is this accepted? Lmao.

Only13 or I love both Henry and Zhoumi:
| Only15 ZhouRy together made oneSJ <3

Favorite member (s):
| I love all but I've Kyuhyun and Eunhyuk as biases kkk and sometimes Yesung :-)

Favorite singer (s):
| /dancing/ its Kyuhyun angelic voice for sure ♥ But I love Yesung's voice too, my ears can easily recognized Donghae's, but I'm not sure if he's the perfect one for the answer HAHA.

Favorite rapper:
| Err, RapperKyu? Lmao. Rarely rap and it's kinda nice?

Favorite dancer (s):
| This is so bias but the answer is Kyuhyun hahah just because he is stiff. This question is about favorite okay not the best dancer /mehrong/ lol. Hyukjae's forever SJ's dancing machine.

Favorite radio DJ (s):
| This is difficult, so I passed for deeper thinking hhehe. Leeteuk for sure....... I have this guy below in my mind though XDDD 

Favorite couple:
| KyuHyuk. I love the randomness with the pair that lack of attention. One main reason is the not-so-popular OTPs like Kyuhyuk, Haemin even KyuChul or KyuWook /why got so many Q/ when they do interact, it feels a little more legitimate and sincere. They don't do it on the name of fan-service, no offence :]

Favorite actor:
| Kyuhyun. Somewhere in Secret Garden Parody. Aaaaaahh Kyunbin. Lol.

Favorite CF Star:
| Siwooooon. THIS MUCH. Kyocheon CF. He stands out the rest with his weird chef looking lmao.

Favorite drama by Super Junior's member:
| Can I say Skip Beat? It sounds nice lol. /forecast/

Favorite song:
| Deep thought. It's Marry You /fangirling much/ um You and I is nice too.Why I Like You, Reset, Monster /listing 3jib lmao/ I Am, Sapphire Blue. No Other. Ah Blue Tomorrow is included right? Yaa just take the first answer = =

Favorite cover: (other song that they sang)
| Deep thought. Kyuhyun's Listen To You? ♥ 

Favorite smile:
| Leeteuk. Who can resist his smiley dimple? ^_____________^

Favorite hairstyle:
| For this current situation where /Kyu's mushroom hair/ I put my vote on Donghae. Hae's bright red hair is awesome 8DD

Favorite member in glasses:
| Dododonghai

Most charismatic:
| Kyuhyun? Lmao. See the prove below.

Most charming:
| Sungmin kkk.

Most noisiest:
| Heechul who else? The second might be between Kangin/Leeteuk XD

Most loving:
| Eunhyuk? Somewhere in EHB reminds me how much he loves SJ :')

Most diligent:
| Leeteuk as a leader.

Most hardworking:
| Shindong. Why should not him? He is the one.

Most romantic:
| Donghae, he has the sweetest mouth/brain ever.

Most childish:
| Kyuhyun. He is.

Most "lost":
| Yesung. Ehhh?

| I want to put the answer as Siwon, but as a girl /lol/ I think Hyuk is much more sexier than him. It's not about abs or what, Hyuk is just being sexy in different way. /whatamiwritingnow/

| Mochi Henry. He is cute. Ohmy what a comment = = 

| Weirest Yesung and his pets <3

| Heenim/Kyuhyun. Somewhere in Intimate Note, my non-kpoppers friends praised Heenim for his beautiful Heesica, and I think Kyu is quite attractive as KyuYoung rofl

Best dresser:
| Err, Hae? Oh no I hate sleeveless clothes. Hankyung (Eh?)

Best overall member: (in dancing+singing)
| Kyuhyun. No biases it's a fact.

Most likely to get married first:
| Eunhyuk <3

Most likely to get the most girlfriends:
| Donghae? Or Heenim. Or maybe Kyuhyun himself. He looks friendly with everyone. Kyu-pairing are like hundred. 

Who will make a good husband:
| Kyuhyun bwahaha obviously wanna get married with him/

Who will make a good boyfriend:
| Kyuhyun /woohup/

Who will make the best older brother:
| I want Hankyung IDKY. I think he'll comfort and protect me just like when he's besides Heechul :]

Who will make the best younger brother:
| Ryeowook~ :D He will cook for me when I feel hungry XD Will chat with me about anything. I think the height differences won't be a problem /o/ lmao

Who will make the best father:
| Leeteuk? He seems the easiest one to get bullied. So in this point of view of a daughter, the best father is the one that can give us anything without much questions. Or else we will screw him. Lol.

Are you willing to support them till the end?
| This is a YES :]

Tired. And bias isn't it? Lol. Will do some blog-walking and left the tag at your chatbox readers :]

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