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Thursday, May 26, 2011
56. Yes and Ok @ Thursday, May 26, 2011

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A female cat that just delivered her kitten is no longer comfortable to be lift on. Kittens can't really tell themselves where is the smell of a food come from. Tweeting on Twitter can bring damages if you own no brain. Doing some laundry outside the house can contribute to a better mood. Sending sister to new place needs determination. Making new business is suck to death. Reviewing some good shots from well known photographer making me appreciate more life. 
Life is a mix; sweet and sour but please stir it well :)
My previous entry garnered a few difference feedbacks which I'm kinda expected it anyway. Its a Super Junior's tag simply not TVXQ's tag. Tag me one about them and I'll answer it as smart as I can be :-) Everyone with difference point of view, what else we can do with it. I'm a straight girl who like a straight guy /thisiscrap/ Have a respect, that's the key of toleration. 
The differences. That what make life more livable.
So the days went on with a series of somewhat expecting event. But soon after tomorrow will be beyond the naturals. Going to meet SJ-M hihihih. Fangirlism. I hope I can secure the VVIP place if I come early, I mean in front of stage XDDD What is this bring a meaning by the way:- A 2 days non-stop travelling. Wish me luck. 

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