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Tuesday, May 31, 2011
57. SJ-M Youth Day Fan Account @ Tuesday, May 31, 2011

4 note (s)

This is a fan account of Super Junior M at Malaysia's Youth Day 2011 on May 28th 2011./orz tired/ I need to state here this is an account with me as the narrator. So its on my own view, take note :] Read it if you want and vice versa. This is a long entry. 


It was a bright Saturday and I woke up around 6.45 A.M to get ready to the concert. I know this is freaking early and yes I'm thinking now, what the fck is waking up so early     = =+ Anyway, I took like 3 hours to get ready lol and we departed from house around 9 A.M. We took train and on the way to the venue I saw two ELFs with blue shirt passing through me. It was awesome. I feel like heading to Super Show XDDD I went to Putrajaya a few times but this was the first time I went there with a public transport and of course its kinda mess up a lil bit. From KTM Serdang, it will cost you RM 2.00 to reach the Putrajaya Central. Unfortunately the bus driver only drop us down at Kementerian Kewangan building, if I'm not mistaken and he told us to take the trem provided. Kyaa~ sat inside the trem and met /LOTS/ of blue shirt people. Nope, they were non-ELFs. How can I, I don't even know ;; The best part about sitting inside the trem was when we were told that the carriage will only send us to each Presint at 2 P.M. /roll eyes/ With that cause, we decided to walk our foot on. Yap yap I asked the RELA there about the exact location of Precint 3, and they answered "How to explain this, Precint 2 is very large. But if you want to go to the main stage /which is at Precint 3/ you just need to walk straight." That's the key! And I even asked fellow t-lists on Twitter. @heenim_cloud tweet me to find a building with minarets on top while @RaeAnnie93 offered a Google Map kekeke thanks a lot t-lists are awesome buddies. 

Finally with the help of some stage picture from Twitter, I managed to find the main stage lol. It was awesome with star something something decoration and the seat was half full with kpoppers, ELFs I guess. We were heading to /almost/ front seat /with no shame lmao/ and sat beside a group of girls. I had a chat with the girl beside me, and she told me that they also went to SS3 last March, the group of L4 seater. Guess what /almost/ all of them managed to shake hands with SJ and I feel so /small/ oh yeah ;; but they're so nice and even bought me one Ramlee burger lol :-) didn't managed to get their contact though. There were few kpop performances, can't really remembered all but some of them made a parody of Beast, 4Minute, Xiah/Zhang Liyin's Timeless, HoMin, and few more. 

Organizer played a Sorry Sorry performance and everyone was screaming like hell is this Super Show or what?/ Lol and greeting VCR from SJ-M to Malaysian ELFs. This is heart-warming <3


I kept on updating myself with Twitter and thanks to the worst cellular service around Putrajaya, the text was literally stuck. Pfft. There was info saying that SJ-M will arrive Malaysia at 11 AM, rehearsing at 2.30 PM and performing at 10 PM. So imagine it, ELFs were rushing to the front hearing that there'll gonna be a rehearsal, ignoring the possibilities whether it is an open or just a close rehearsal. And to be exact, its a close rehearsal. This was supposed to be funny okay, they were not on stage and we can hear their live voice. So, I dig Marctentia's tweet and found this <3 Kyuhyun behind the stage~ yay. And Hyukkie's leopard's pant lmao. I also found out that SJ-M were coming here straight from KLIA via train, I guess it was KLIA Transit. Kkk this is funny XDDDD

The rehearsal was like pretty quick. I can hear Henry's Off My Mind, Mimi's 3 AM and Kyuhyun's Ru Guo Ni Ye Ting Shuo. Um btw Henry's dancers were on the stage and arguably becoming the talk of the town especially the mohawk hair dancer lmao. This one guy wearing purple shirt was on stage when our boys rehearsing behind. He does look like Kyuhyun from behind right? :3 Okay very unprofessional lmao. And people are screaming like mad, that's for sure. 


It was really crowded to the point that you can't even move your hand to snap a picture. Around 5 PM something, the official emcee from RTM came on the stage and greet us and taught us what to do /clap, shout, clap again/ It was such a chaos at some moment because some ELFs don't want to sit when everyone else were seating in front of the stage. Big chaos actually, and what makes it the best was that, it only happened at my corner where the other part of ELFs were successfully squeeze themselves at the tiny space. Of course the RELA /security/ will be like hell mad to the ELFs, I can understand them actually, why become so ignorance. Just sit and everything will be fine. And our Prime Minister gave his speech /time taken/ passed some award to the winner and stuff like that, I took Hishamuddin's picture yay lmao. He's the famous one I guess, maybe because the crowd aka ELFs were packed with just graduate/undergraduate high school student. He was the former Education Minister and that answered the crowd greet toward him kkk. 

Picture's taking moment with the professional photographer from various news site. Everyone showing 1 Malaysia sign lmfao. Oo I see no picture of me in the front cover of newspaper kkk /slapped/ 


Around 8 PM, after some kicking for spot and sarcastically mention the people behind and beside for trolling around and cause a mess, I managed to get quite a close view to the stage. Slightly right wing and I was feeling ungrateful with my height. WHY AM I SO SHORT. I saw people head and their pony hair tied in front = = And ELFs in front of me were head up their Perfection banner, its not like I'm trying condemned them with their preparation but this is not SS3 people please, people behind you can't see the stage at all /AT ALL/ Concert started with a few local acts Farah Asyikin, Nadia AF, Dewi Mentor, and Indian rocker singer and Lan from Azlan and The Typewriter /professional and listing all of them/. It was kinda fun especially the Indian part, IDK I was like okay the Tamil rock is quite nice, no kid at all. Haaa. Believe me la. 

We were waiting like 1 hour more to see SJ-M. And from the Twitter updates, they were actually just finishing their media interview at nearest hotel and on the way to the venue of the concert. 

And soon after that, emcee Serena C from Hitz.fm /I'm kinda surprised that she can speaks Mandarin quite well/ climb up the stage giving us much more pressure, hoohaa with us, screamed more and puff the smoke around and here they are - SUPER JUNIOR M :) Glad to see them again! /screamed+push the shutter button/ 6 of them actually SiHae are busying themselves (?) at Taiwan. They performed Perfection and proud to say the fanchant was quite successful lol. I managed to remember the name list kkk! Introduction was too fast, can't catch the words except for "Apa Khabar" but Sungmin said I love you /I think he said it few times lol/ I for sure screamed a lot during Kyuhyun part XDDDD They had a Question and Answer session with Serena C. Henry said "Since today is Youth Day, it's not about us, it's about you guys," For real. I don't care about Youth Day at all lmao. Kyuhyun said something like they always come here in Malaysia but this is the first time coming here as SJ-M^^ So dear, please come here as KRY :3 /bricked/ Serena C asked them who is the shyest, the "baby" and the most responsible among SJ-M, and crowd basically answered them with Kyuhyun, Henry and Sungmin respectively. When the members all agreed that Henry is the "baby", he started to sing a line of Justin Bieber's Baby to the delight of fans. Ah Sungmin pushed Kyuhyun to the front, but  Kyu seems don't really agree with the shyest part though he was hiding behind Hyuk and Mimi lol. The MC taught them about "Sayang" part and 6 of them was like "Sarang? Sayang?" Oh yeah almost the same meaning <3 Kekeke. Love. 

Soon after that, they performed "Blue Tomorrow". Too bad there were no Hae and Siwon and the most sad one is Hankyung :( I love this song btw. I /screamed/ together with Wookie at "wo ai ni bu hui gai bian" lmfao. They had another Q&A session /this is nearly to fans-meeting right <3/ this time the questions were asked by 6 lucky ELFs that was chosen /randomly/ I guess. Me want it so badly. Anyway, can't remember all. The Henry's girl was asking what thing he like about Malaysian ELFs, and he said sweet thing of course. Hmmppfft. "All Malaysian girls are hot." Etc etc. Mushy you Henry Lau, don't believe him lmao /hug/ Ryeowook got Japanese girl which asked him about what thing you want to cook if you have a girlfriend and he answered anything <3 ke ai Li Xu /bear hug/ 

Sungmin was kinda lucky to get a male fan lol but the thing is that the fan was too delighted till the point that he can't even asked a question to Ming, so just /hug/ hehe. Mimi and this Chinese girl were basically speaking in Mandarin/Cantonese so I can't understand. They talk about SJ-M Perfection's hand-banner and Mimi don't want to hug the girl. But but he knelt down and kissed the girl hand. Jealous. Lol. Kyuhyun part was extra jealous but its fun. The girl name is Kah Wei or something, she asked Kyu, oppa likes games more or fans more? And he /innocently/ answered with the help of translator "Tak payah tanya." quite a few times. Omigod can I cry? ;; This is so cute. And he hugged the girl twice /plus pats head/ and that's enough to make fans screamed in protest :| /I'm in protest!/ Hyuk was on the other hand thrilled me the most as he back hugged the girl!! The girl asked if he still using Donghae's underwear and he was like "That underwear is mine." lmfao. 

After that was a solo performances. Henry with his "Off My Mind", Zhoumi sang his cover of Malaysian artist, Z-Chen's "3 In The Morning" and apparently Z-Chen is one of Mimi good friend :) Its a beautiful song.Wookie sang a classic Chinese song which I made a research about the title lol Teresa Teng's I Only Care For You while Kyuhyun was singing A-Mei "If You Have Heard". Hyuk surprised MJ's dance "Billy Jean" and "Smooth Criminal" was rising up the crowd mood heh. /my mood/

After the solo stage, they had a little interaction with fans when they came to the front stage. Sungmin with his cute English /cries ;;/ Part of co-ELFs at my corner was screaming "Kyuhyun, Guixian, Kyu oppa," like hell but what he did was giving us a peaceful look. Kyu, dreaming again in his own world? Oh man. Lmao. Hyuk was the closest with me at the end of the show. I saw him watching the sky /twice/ when other members giving their goodbye speech and he rubbed his eyes. Was he crying? Duhh. Don't believe me lmao. Henry's goodbye speech was /again/ so mushy. "Yesterday I felt sad to leave Taiwan, and today I feel sad to leave Malaysia." Aeng. Henry you eat too many sweets. Sungmin promised that SJ-M will comeback again to Malaysia and I'm very happy to say that Heenim promised the same thing to Malaysian ELFs. Please come back for real :) They went backstage but we all knew that they were going to sing another song which is "Super Girl", so we shouted for encore and as expected they came on and performed the song.

The mini concert or fans-meeting as Henry calls it lasted for close to one and a half hour. I can't say this is way much better than SS3 because I don't purchase Rock Pit ticket. Lol. The distance was way much nearer than SS3 but I desperately want a proper seat. Soon the concert finished, we walked of to Putrajaya Central. Take note /WALKED/ across the beautiful bridge at Putrajaya. Reach there and decided to overnight as we didn't managed to get the last bus. I can't sleep so I decided to chat on Twitter :) Around 6 AM, we took the first U42 bus to KTM Serdang. And I got a whole body-ache. Still.

Putrajaya's morning view

p/s1: I carried /almost/ 1KG laptop along the concert. How was it? Cramp shoulder.
p/s2: Because of lack of sleep, I made two biggest mistake ever. 1) Went into male restroom like no one care   and people outside stared at me. 2) Asked the bus driver to stop at wrong place and he said "We're not even reach the place la dik." This is worth a facepalm and jump into a pool.
p/s3: So this is how it feels to be in free concert. Its tiring. I think this gonna be my last free concert/showcase to be attend. I rather choose to tire myself earning some money for VIP ticket than kicking people here and there for a small spot. Body ache and heart ache keke XDDDD 
p/s4: I won't going to UKISS /FREE/ showcase. Bahaaha. Wth is this. 
p/s5: Pictures with watermark own by me :) other than that are courtesy from @MarctensiaCert and @CCSerenaCC on Twitter. Will post the other pictures later. 
p/s6: Am I writing an essay or what. Lol. 

one of the best shot :-) i love this

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