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Sunday, May 8, 2011
53. Ain't About Cha-Ching, It's About My Mum @ Sunday, May 08, 2011

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Uhm hi blog. 
My examination week is still on. But never mind, no matter how hard I'll just move on and on and on. I had my toughest week anyway, living almost 96 hours without laptop /my whole body and hands and fingers are itchy to be honest orz. I can't even ;________; Kpop songs, videos, pictures are all embedded inside the gadgets. Life is difficult please imagine it. That's was actually a promise from sister to sister so I'll take it as an excessive experience of being a laptop-less student. Soobbss. Spoil girl. Wake up. /slaps

For some weird reason, today is chosen as a special day with cause it's a Mother's Day.... /Okay that's not weird. Erm, well. Make it sloppy lol.

There's one time I'm mad with you
There's one time I hate you
There's one time I don't want to talk with you
There's one time I think my life is dictated by you
But one thing you must know
Through all your hardship on me, I know you love me.
You are my hero, my all time wonder women.
You're always there when I smile and cry.
There is no one can replaced you. 
My one and only.
Not only today. 
But forever. 
I love you mum, Puan Mariam Ibrahim.

Umm so serious lol. To be honest I'm much closer to dad. Ah yeah but mum is mum. 
To whom I should show my kindness? To your mother, next your mother, next your mother and then comes your father. Cause who use to hold you and clean you and clothes you. Who used to feed you and always be with you. When you were sick, stay up all night, holding you tight. That's right no other. My mother. Our mother /borrowing lyrics lmao :-) 

Mum. Who protect me like SJ protecting meh zoooom~ /eheh so crap

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