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Tuesday, June 7, 2011
58. Big Hearted Yet Not So Remarkable @ Tuesday, June 07, 2011

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When the past has gone, it doesn't mean we have lost our happiness. Happiness is not only in our memories, it's everywhere.
Few days back I went into a mission of cleaning some old stuff despite the changes of health condition that kind of worrying ( I'm having fever again, yes again ) Body is no longer immune to small changes of weather, water, food and etcetera. Back to the main topic, I found a bunch of old books and it happened to be my childhood diaries. This is so funny, really ㅋㅋㅋ Digging all the old stuff and found hilarious, special and sorrowful thing about life and school made me realized how fast time has flies. Indeed and I really miss it, luckily all the stuff embedded inside the book, what can I do except to read it again and taste the sweetness of the time (: 

I was once a school girl who wore blue-white uniform that really high dreaming to achieve this and that, cheerful, careless, free will and I knew it, high school life is totally different with college life --duh the hectic life. Mind blowing. All the high-school resolutions are like still going on I guess. Yes, slow but steady. I'm on my way.

Jadi manusia tak semestinya kena ikut jalan atau kata orang lain. Yang penting adalah perasaan sendiri. Mungkin hari ini bernasib malang tapi, jangan berputus asa untuk esok. Nak esok jadi menarik, diri sendiri kena berusaha terus untuk hidup. Kita bukan hidup untuk orang lihat. Kita hidup untuk diri sendiri. Sekarang aku dapat rasakan yang senyuman aku betul-betul ikhlas.
Taken from somewhere I can't remember, copied from the diary. Well suited with the situation :] Ah by the way, I survived the Malaysian Educational System ㅋ~
p/s1: Youthday didn't affect me much compare to SS3 haha XDD
p/s2: Planning a Seoul trip lmao | next entry please
p/s3: Drive car for the first time in my life | next next entry :X

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