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Saturday, June 11, 2011
59. Reality Which Kills Me @ Saturday, June 11, 2011

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I am having butterflies in my stomach now. In fact, lots and lots of them. I am freaking out. I really am. The fact that driving class is next week and I'm not prepared for it is freaking me out. No I haven't seat for my driving theory but it isn't takes your time right? Soon after you pass the crazy number of questions, you will directly push to the driving lesson. Oh oh. Heart is numb. Plus driving lessons are freaking expensive. Well, polluting the world's environment is fun. Ayah, can I just spend my fortune on public transport for the rest of my life? Duhh pathetic girl giving pathetic excuses. I only hope that my driving instructor do not constantly nagging my ears if I made a/ LOT of mistakes. Will pray hard for it. /o\ But I am still damn afraid ;~~~; 

KYUHYUN SUCKS AT VERTICAL PARKING [ full article click here ] *omitted few lines
"It was saying that on the 1st day, Kyuhyun managed to reverse into the lot easily because there were many lots left, but on the 2nd day, the parking lots were pretty full, so he had trouble reversing in. And he parked too close to the next car on the driver's side, so he had to SQUEEZE out of the door. On the 3rd day, he took up 2 parking lots. And on the 4th day, he almost reversed into the tree behind."
[credits: superduperlove.wordpress.com]

At least this thing cheer me up ROFL XDDDD

At times, tough and shabby things happens. But no worries. Life is still all good and fun :-) Unless stated.

"Nonetheless, himnaesaeyo aegi" T^T me want that hug too

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