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Wednesday, June 15, 2011
60. Hate You Love You Fandoms @ Wednesday, June 15, 2011

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I guess I just need to put it out of my chest.

I've been involved in Kpop fandom for about 5-6 years, since I was in Form 4. I remember when I first watch TVXQ's Rising Sun MV on 8TV and it ignites everything. Through the fandom I met so many people all over the world which I never expected before and I am proud to say that some of them even remain as friend up to this day. It all started with TVXQ, then I knew about Super Junior, I've become an active fan of both group. Never thought that these 18 OTPs would make such an impact in my life. But this 5 years life in Kpop fandoms has been a rollercoaster ride. Being a fangirl is really tiring, have you ever thought about this? Its not the matter of ruined loyalties or something like that, it just the feeling of doing the same thing all over again day by day, facing the immature fangirls, endless fanwar and many other things, real life catches up with me real fast. I feel like leaving the fandoms, but to be honest its spazzing and sharing with others that make everything special. And through this, I learn something, I grew and I become a whole new different person, hopefully the better person. As I learned about DBSJ, I learned and understand more about myself and its amazing. Outsider will never understand this. 

Btw, immature fangirls in fandoms will forever be immature, till one day they'll realize it.

p/s1: I am forever relevant when it comes solely about TVXQ and SJ
p/s2: This is moody post of a fangirl :'| 
p/s3: Driving test is forever afraid ;~~~;

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