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Thursday, June 23, 2011
63. Arch From The Heart @ Thursday, June 23, 2011

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I was reading and catching up with blogs I had neglected in the past few days ago due to some crappy reasons when I realized that I should change my blog font. Heh no particular reason though, I just need a brand new feeling. No, I'm not that busy with driving classes in fact I haven't officially started it yet. Reading some blogs about the experience of sitting for the first time on the driver sit is killing the passion. To be honest I'm pretty skeptical with the driving instructor rather than anything else. Imagine sitting for an hour inside car with stranger on your left side. I can't. Will think a best reason to provide if any weirdo questions being ask. Help me. Help me sort this problem out. Duh, exaggerates much lmao. 

Anyway, I had a phone call with course-mate about our future accommodation at college for coming new semester this morning. And the conversation lead to the final result things. Wey, I'm totally out of the town, so don't ask me. I hesitated to admit that I never do good in this semester. Yet I am. I was whining and complaining a lot about lectures and tutorials, about these and about that and yada yada, I don't think my pointer will be good this time. Derp face. 

On the lighter note, David Archuleta is coming to town this July 26th. HAHAHA this is so out of topic but I used to be his ArchAngel and I guess part of me is still having the same gene. Basically after plus and minus, I actually owned his self-titled album David Archuleta 2008 released. No offence but I think he is way much better than Justin Bieber. Boy next door kind-of-personality is always relevant to typical Asian girl like me lol. Crap. I want to see him! Any kind soul want to give me extra pocket money? Nah, nobody nobody will give you.

Yesterday, MTV Asia released the list of performers for the next MTV World Stage at KL this July. No TVXQ HoMin like Malaysian Cassiopeia spazzing about it before. Pity us. Anyway its Beast, so I decided to give my free pair of passes (which I accidentally won 2 days before kind soul MTV released their thingy) to my B2TY-mate. No regret. I want a proper seat for my favorite. Let's the B2TY enjoys their Beast and vice versa. Easy peasy me. Sigh. Plus I don't think mum will allows me attend that event and I shouldn't be there anyway. AH. Today is the 22nd birthday anniversary of Leader Jung Yonghwa of CNBLUE aww HAHA. And next week is Seohyun's 20th anniversary yay. I'm kinda like them you know. Too obvious. Lmao. 
Seems that I'm enjoying my semester break. Till then :-)
ps: I'm changing the BGM song every blog post. Amaze? *clapclap*

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