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Monday, June 27, 2011
65. My Precious Precious @ Monday, June 27, 2011

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I have quite a number of things to jot down here. But as far as you and I can forecast, lots of it are merely an easy peasy stuff that will wasting your reading time. Anyway, things had been pretty fine these days. Let me elaborate it. LOL crappy explanation. 

I'm kind of moving on with the result stuff. Whatever it is, I'm going to accept it with my all. That's what I reap after all the things I'd sow. Naah the result is not that bad, it just some inner feeling needs to be thrown off. Few days left for me at home, so I'm enjoying the time as much as I can be. Short semester totally freak me out. Everyone else will having their break till early September while I'm sacrificing time for a year ahead to finish degree. Make it convenient for me ya Allah. Seriously this girl can't wait to graduate from school. Puhaha. 

Yesterday evening mum and sister togetherness in mission, succeed in making an early version of kuih raya which I tasted it with dad. The taste was kind of awful, too crunchy and the colorful smarties candy was really hard to chew despite the nice floral shape. Urgh. Honest food review from me HAHA. On the other hand, dad was adorably chewing the biscuits with unexplained-able "Hum, hurm." omnomnom noise. Lmao. Can't stop laughing.   

I found this image on Tumblr that catch my attention. It's travelling poster yaaay *clapclap* "Traveller is a person who is travelling or who often travels. As a career, they often record the travel which make them also be a journalist or photographer, etc etc etc." Don't tell me if I'm not qualified with this job. HAHA. I'm going for my driving class tomorrow. Wish me back home in one piece D: loljk. Happy Rejab 1432.

p/s1: I can't wait for Ramadhan, will change the BGM songs and stuff :)
p/s2: Expect some emotional changes in the coming entry. Back to college duhh. 

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