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Friday, July 1, 2011
66. Feeling Sentimental @ Friday, July 01, 2011

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It's been an on off weather lately. Dark cloud and cool breeze set the mood for some thinking. Hot summer is--- haih. What an exaggerated introduction. Anyway, few days left at home and I'm setting my priorities for the next semester. There are few things running on my head now. I am kind of lousy student.

As I was saying on the last entry, I just finished my 2 out of 9 compulsory hours for driving practical class. Hell 2 hours. The driving instructor keeps on searching for my false, I guess he got some unfinished grunge against my sister (he taught her too last year) and throw it on me. I mean this was my second classes with him and he already took me to drive on road, like real road with traffic light. big trailer and stuff. Omaigad. Amateur driver with L license, yes its me. Every time I went abroad with speed, he'll be like "You're not going to do some speed challenge with the car beside, don't you?" Okay thought that was my problem of pushing the speed pedal. And soon when I was in a safe mode which kind of slow for the professional driver like him, he turned to be like "What are you waiting for, just press the speed pedal!" Pffffft ssshut up you, its me who drive this borrowing car and you are just one ungrateful fortunate passenger which I can easily dump at the corner of the road. Anyway it just my inner thought, I have no guts to tell him this thing lol. Please be strong :'( I'd complain this to dad, somehow he shows no reaction /pfft. Maybe I'll consider the idea of using earphone while driving. Okay ranting mode is off. HAHA.

Moving on to the lighter note, this week was full with family bonding activities which is awesome on my view. I went out with mum to the mall, accompanied her to the spectacles shop and we went back home via tingtong bus. The last time we both took bus together when I was 12 and that's it. So I'm a happy daughter n_____n And yesterday, we went to Carrefour with dad to survey the new bookshelf where I ended up looked like a stone standing aimlessly. It was annoyingly took time but as long as mum and dad were happy, I'll be fine with it. Its weird to write something like this, about how's life goes on with details. In any type of ways, I'm just a happy daughter trying to immortalize herself for her parent. Will miss this later ;~;

This is the best to explain the week. 

p/s: I haven't pack anything and helplessly don't want to go back college.


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